You may have heard of Linkedin’s SSI index for Social Selling, or maybe not. In both cases, stay with me and I’ll explain it to you. Index of contents What is the Linkedin SSI index? The SSI index or Social Selling Index is an index that Linkedin has created to measure the degree of “good practices” of all the people who use Linkedin. This index evaluates the good use of this network as a tool for social selling, networking, and personal branding. It is useful to guide us regarding our activity on the platform, and tells us what we do well, and what aspects we can improve. Good Social Selling Practices I am not discovering anything new if I tell you that social networks are spaces for conversation, around which people who share interests or affinities gather. For this reason – and we will see this later in more detail – Linkedin gives a lot of weight to an adequate construction of interpersonal relationships, to progressively gaining the trust of those who are part of our network.

What issues are relevant in the view of Linkedin

Publish relevant content for your community, relevance that is measured with the ‘engagement’ generated. That is, with the Indonesia Phone Number Data number of interactions made following a publication. These interactions can be in the form of clicks, likes, comments, shared content.Capture the interest of the people who receiv your invitations to connect, and your private presentation messages, and obtain a positive response from them. That is, that they accept your invitation, and that they are interested in your offer. Maintain a constant level of activity on Linkedin, and that adds value. Active participation demonstrates your interest in your community and the people who make it up. Good Personal Brand Practices The personal brand is another of the “legs” on which Linkedin stands.

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It is common knowledge that personal branding

but rather a fact. We all have a personal brand, whether we have worked on it consciously and deliberately or not. Each of us India Phone Number List is perceived by others in a certain way and with specific attributes. The difference is that there are people who develop their brand consciously and with a clear purpose, and others have not yet made that decision. The Linkedin SSI index rewards good practices in personal branding, especially the following aspects.The quality in the presentation of the professional profile. The more careful and more visual, the better. Images, links, multimedia elements add up. The amount of information. Yes, quantity also counts. The more information and the more sections registered in your profile, the better SSI score Linkedin will give you. The views your profile receives. This indicator measures the ability of your professional brand to generate interest, attract attention or add value.