It conveys confidence and helps you gain clients. Thus, with respect to your brand, Linkedin will take into account the following elements to score you on your SSI: ️Profile richness, that is, having many sections registered and with complete information. ️Multimedia content in the profile, with photos, videos, links or presentations. ️One hundred percent? Profile photo and custom cover image. ️Aptitudes registered, and with validations from other people. ️ Articles published on the Linkedin blog, and new followers gained thanks to them. : Relevant connections Find the right people. Linkedin values your use of the contact search tool, and whether you do it correctly. One hundred percent? Boolean search and advanced searches using filters, based on good segmentation, is the right way to go. In this matter, Linkedin advises looking for common ground with nd level contacts, and inviting them to connect in a personalized way.

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The opportunity to connect with those who have visited our profile. Thus, Linkedin takes these factors into account: ️Advanced Singapore Phone Number Data searches for leads and companies. Quantity and frequency of searches. ️Rospecting and visiting profiles, inside and outside your network. ️Number of visits your profile receives.Days of  activity per month, on Linkedin. Participation in conversations One hundred percent? Opening conversation threads by sharing ideas or information is an interesting way to make yourself known. Likewise, commenting and participating with your contributions in conversations that other people have started helps you position yourself as a reference. Groups are also appropriate spaces to participate. Providing value to our community, and to others in general, is crucial. Among others, Linkedin evaluates for your SSI: ️Engagement of your publications: with clicks, likes, comments. ️Content of yours that is shared by other people.

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Private messages sent and response rate. ️Your membership in groups, and what you share in them. Relationship Building Personal Indonesia Phone Number List relationships are built over time. Trust is earned with facts. Works are loves, and not good reasons’, as Lope de Vega very wisely stated. The congruence between what we say and do must be total. Linkedin is a great tool to advance the process of achieving credibility, of consolidating our personal brand. For this parameter, Linkedin values the following indicators: ️Number of contacts and network breadth. ️Quality of these contacts, if they are ‘decision makers’, much better. ️Internal contacts, with people from the same company. ️Acceptance rate of invitations to connect sent. What is your SSI on Linkedin? Do you really want to know what your SSI is on Linkedin? Well it’s easy.