Your Linkedin profile doesn’t have to be boring. With symbols, emoticons and emojis you will make it more visual, more attractive and original. Index of contents Customize your profile, give it a different touch. Don’t know how to do it? I’ll explain! When they search for you on Google, what do they find? Whether you are entering into selection processes, want to find clients or want to work on your personal brand, you are interested in presenting a profile that stands out on Linkedin. An outstanding profile, with a clear and different value proposition, will capture attention. A profile with impact will always be more easily remembered. When a person searches for you on Google, the first result they should find is your Linkedin profile. Because? Because Linkedin is the professional network par excellence, therefore, your profile is your most important professional image online. “There is no second chance to make a good first impression.” The more visual your profile is, the better.

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Transmit the values that differentiate you from your competition and make you relevant to your audience. Make it possible to read diagonally, and that the key ideas of your professional presentation are remembered. Captivate Lebanon Phone Number Data those who visit you so that they want to know more about you and what you do. Profiles with too much text, long sentences, disjointed ideas… do not invite you to read them. Your profile will gain appeal if you add symbols, emoticons and emojis. Express ideas in an orderly and more visual way. It will help you retain the people who visit your profile for longer. A golden opportunity to explain well who you are and what you offer as a professional. What are symbols, emoticons and emojis for on Linkedin? On Linkedin, symbols, emoticons and emojis serve to draw attention to a point to highlight. They serve to show our emotionality around a topic. They serve to present a more dynamic and attractive profile, enjoyable and easy to read. These figures give the text a break and encourage the reader to continue.

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Bringing your Linkedin profile to life with symbols, emojis and emoticons is generally a recommended option. They add personality to your New Zealand Phone Number List professional image on Linkedin, and help you stand out. However, it is advisable not to overdo it. Knowing how to find the optimal point to highlight what is important in your profile gives you value. Going too far can be overwhelming. Filling the profile with many images can confuse those who visit us. The main objective is to connect with our audiences, whether they are clients, recruiters or other types of professionals. Emoticons and emojis, are they the same? On Linkedin, you can complete your profile with emoticons and emojis… but are they the same? Do you know the difference? It is very common to confuse the concept of emoticon with that of emoji. There are few differences between them, but they are worth knowing. Although both terms can be used synonymously, their definition is not exactly the same.