Among other things it’s also my project so yes that’s why it’s They are essential first on the list, but I don’t earn anything from it. This is the official website: extension that contains all the main SEO bookmarklets that I use on a daily basis and I have never seen an extension like this out there. Detailed SEO Extension detailed seo extension Detailed SEO Extension is probably the best known extension currently. It is occasionally updated and new features are added. Before I created my own it was the one I used every day. Furthermore, it provides detailed information about the structure of the web page, including titles, subtitles and H1-H6 tags. Furthermore, it provides information about images, links, Hreflang, Schema markup. Really recommended. SEO Minion seo minion .


It focuses on on-page

This is also a well-made tool with numerous They are essential features.  SEO and technical SEO . SEOquake Never used but very popular. I don’t think it gets updated often and the look is old. Get the SEO tricks companies pay me to do in your inbox Plus you get all the Gambling Number Data updates and premium content. Your email Receive by email 100% safe. Unsubscribe whenever you want. It combines functionality from previous extensions and also tries to show some SEO metrics from Semrush and other tools. Backlink Tracking Extensions These extensions help identify backlinks, evaluate their quality, and monitor their impact on site authority. Ahrefs SEO Toolbar ahrefs seo toolbar Ahrefs

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SEO Toolbar is one of the best backlink They are essential tracking extensions available for Google Chrome. This extension provides detailed information about the site’s backlinks, including their value, source, and anchor text. Additionally, the extension also offers information about Israel WhatsApp Number List the site’s page authority and its position in search results. seo metrics toolbar With Ahrefs SEO Toolbar, you can easily monitor your site’s backlink performance and identify any problems or opportunities for improvement. The extension is available for free, but requires an  features. Ubersuggest ubersuggest chrome If you are looking for a free or cheaper alternative to Ahrefs, th fs one.