Creating and announcing events is possible with linkedin. Index of contents in a business network like linkedin, having a tool that gives visibility to professional events and creating a community around them is, without a doubt, a great advantage. Meeting people on linkedin before the event, talking to them and then meeting in person is networking with a capital letter. That you invite your contacts to the event. That your contacts can invite theirs and so on. To build professional networks is a great success. But, well… And how is it done? Create and announce How to create events on linkedin it is easy. You just have to go to the option that appears on the left side of your wall or feed. There, you find the groups. Hashtags and events. When you create the event page. You will register the following information: ️cover image for the event ️image of your brand or log. In avatar format ️event title ️location.

Don’t forget to create your hashtag

You already know that your hashtag helps you organize the conversations of the people participating in the event. It allows you to be listening, and to be able to intervene at all times. Here is a link to this post about hashtags on linkedin . To give Brazil Phone Number Data you ideas on how to create and use them. Take into account the keywords for your event linkedin creates a page with your event. And a url link so you can share it. Include the keywords in the title of your event. If you want maximum diffusion. Make it seo friendly so that it appears in the searches of those who are interested in the same topics. Create a very visual event page… and with all the details. It goes without saying that the visual impact of an event, thanks to the cover image. The avatar image and the title of the event, is essential. If you manage to capture attention from the first moment.

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I explain what the main differences

Public events: open to everyone. Any linkedin member can search for them, and find them using the event name. Anyone can Latvia Phone Number List register their attendance. Share the event and invite their contacts. Private events: by invitation only reserved for linkedin members invited by the organizer or other attendees (when the organizer has given attendees the ability to invite their contacts). Only people who have received the event url link have access. The organizer must approve any request received from the event page when the requester has not been expressly invited by an attendee. Two questions that i think are important for you to keep in mind: attendees can invite their contacts. When creating the event.