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Localization of traffic losses If you use Google Analytics, you can see where traffic drops and losses are occurring. Clicks per action Does your website require too many steps to perform simple actions? Can you eliminate unnecessary steps? Page speed A control group Does your site load within a reasonable load time? It should load fast enough Visitors perspective Look at the site as if you were a first-time visitor and ask any relevant questions that can help you make improvements. The improvements will reduce the number of errors and eliminate many loopholes that could cause traffic loss.

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It’s important to remember that some visitors A control group will be lost at any conversion point, and that reviewing pages and forms will help focus  the greatest benefit can be gained. Other issues to consider when determining traffic losses Site navigation Evaluate the site to determine if the loss of traffic is due to poor content. Site navigation can also contribute to Betting Number Data traffic loss as the abundance of content overwhelms visitors. Call to action (CTA) It is the catalyst that will drive your website visitors to the next planned step. Photos and images Do website images enhance a website or story on web pages.

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Statements of Values Like a CTA, a value statement is necessary to help visitors understand what your site has to offer. Have you clearly articulated your value statement?   you Estonia WhatsApp Number List have customer testimonials that speak to your company’s needs or the services you provide? Website Security Do new users feel safe leaving their personal information on your site? Have you made it clear what protocols your company has implemented to ensure adequate security for the end user.

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