Are you already taking advantage of this opportunity one hundred percent?

It conveys confidence and helps you gain clients. Thus, with respect to your brand, Linkedin will take into account the following elements to score you on your SSI: ️Profile richness, that is, having many sections registered and with complete information. ️Multimedia content in the profile, with photos, videos, links or presentations. ️One hundred percent? Profile […]

Explain why your company exists and what principles guide its work

Mention achievements and recognitions If your company has earned any awards, recognition, or achieved notable milestones in the industry, include this information in the description. This helps build trust and credibility among followers. Describe the competitive advantage Highlight what differentiates your company from the competition. You can mention unique features of your products or services, […]

What is the difference between the different options?

Company page Intended for business and commercial organizations, such as companies, corporations, non-profit organizations, start-ups, among others. Presentation page Designed to highlight a specific division, business unit or brand within a larger company. Page of educational institution Specifically aimed at schools, colleges, universities, academies and other educational organizations. So, among the three, choose between “company” […]

Some of the key roles and responsibilities

The Super Admin of a Linkedin Business Page include: ☑Update company information You can edit and maintain basic business information on the page. Such as name, description, location, and contact details. Ensuring this information is up to date and accurate is essential to correctly presenting your company on  Some of the key rolesLinkedin. ☑Publish relevant […]