The promise of any discrete technological. Advance will have to combine to offer more than the sum of the parts. Consumers’ favorite brands will need to know more about their customers. Than they know about themselves and be seen to protect that privilege and power. When used securely and authentically to deliver a personalized, relevant and trusted experience, marketers will be able to build customer relationships their predecessors only dreamed of.” Ksenia Ksenia Ksenia is the COO of Technology Inc….a company dedicated to developing AI solutions for new media. Ksenia has years of experience in fashion marketing and has held senior roles at Next, Stockman and Oy.

Brand authenticity and trust

Top marketing trends for and beyond. Omnichannel  C Level Contact List marketing where each stage is congruent and reinforces the last Personalization. Through every channel An optimized customer journey to reduce effort for the customer Data protection and privacy .Building relationships with customers .”Omnichannel marketing, where each touchpoint offers a congruent and personalized. Experience and reinforces and builds on the latter, which is what marketers need to offer. at every point pre and and this applies to retail, ecommerce, holiday bookings, leisure activities, BB purchases and services public. As millennials begin to reach their maximum earning potential and, together with centenarians born in the new century, constitute the largest consumer groups, the world will have to adapt.

And back to the past again


Planning will be difficult because marketers. Will not be able to determine future trends.” Ian Dowd Ian Dowd Ian Dowd is Marketing USA BU  Manager at High Speed. Training, one of the UK’s leading online training providers. Ian has worked in the technology industry for years as a Marketing Director, CMO and Chief Commercial Officer. “Marketing goes back to the future.  To the kind of personalized service that our grandparents, or their grandparents, could expect when they walked into their local store. In alone, it needs to be scaled so that the website, application, social media channel, store assistant, customer service representative, chatbot or business owner can give the same tailored experience to that customer.