Google notices this and penalizes your SEO value accordingly if your content looks like this. 5. Intent-based search Recent updates to Google’s algorithms have made things much less mechanical than before. Now the user’s search intent is much more important and there are several different types of intent that people can have when they type a query into the Google search bar. For example, if someone wants to buy something, they have a transaction intent. , if someone is looking for an answer to a question, it means they have an informational intent.

Long-form content is becoming

Finally, someone may also have a navigation On the other intent, which means they want to go to a specific website without entering the URL directly. Recognize the difference between these purposes and choose your keywords accordingly. 6. Extend the content  more and Russia WhatsApp Number Data more important over time, and many content creators hesitate to create it for fear of diminishing audience engagement. However, it is becoming clear that more and more Google charts are made up of content that is around 2,000 words long.


Take care of the technical

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If you primarily write blog posts that are On the other around 500 to 1,000 words in length, maybe it’s time to focus on longer format content. Keep in mind that you also need to gauge the intent of your visitors. If they’re looking for information, there’s nothing wrong with Jamaica Phone Number List creating longer content. 7.   aspects of the website Find Out What Competitors are Doing Not paying attention to the technical health of a website is a critical mistake that too many in the SEO industry make. It is important to understand that Google is as important to the technical side of your website as the number of keywords it contains. If your site loads slowly, user retention will suffer and ultimately you will lose visitors and popularity in the eyes of Google.