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If you haven’t heard of Google Suggested If Google finds Snippets, you’ve probably seen them through a simple search. In today’s guide, we’ll explore what featured highlights are, why they’re important, and look at the different types of highlights you might encounter. What areĀ  ? Google is known for always innovating its results pages, and the SERPs you see today are much older than the results pages you might have seen a decade ago. lengths to ensure that all the information you need is available immediately after a search, rather than having to read through pages of information to find it. Featured snippets are part of ensuring that searchers can find what they need without having to search too far and wide.

Google Featured Snippets

Featured snippets were first introduced back in If Google finds 2014 and have remained since then, with many website owners deploring their presence because they believed that people would not come to their sites after seeing the snippet. However, this has not UK WhatsApp Number Data always proven to be the case over time, and those who were initially pessimistic about the appearance of the suggested fragments have now changed their minds. In fact, many of those same website owners are now trying to ensure that their website is the one that has this featured snippet at the top of the search results.


Featured snippets aren’t as

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The meaning of the suggested passages If Google finds big a part of your typical SERP as many think. In fact, research shows that only 6% of results pages even have a featured snippet, so why does it seem like every time we search, we’ll find a featured snippet at the very Macedonia Phone Number List top of the results page? The truth is, there are so many results pages to go through, and many of them may not be what we’re looking for in a typical day. However, if you do a more relevant search, you will find many sites vying for the privilege of having their content in this featured snippet. As more and more SEO experts understand the importance of having a featured snippet on their web pages, the number of featured snippets is also increasing over time.

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