USA BU Whatsapp Number List How to make a homemade water purifier?

How to make a homemade water purifier?

Water is an essential resource for life, and it is essential to ensure that it is clean and safe for consumption. After that, However, in many areas of the world the drinking water supply can be contaminate with bacteria, viruses, chemicals and other harmful contaminants. To ensure that the water we consume is safe, we can resort to creating a homemade water purifier. In this article, we will teach you step by step how to do it in a simple and economical way. Necessary materials to make a homemade water purifier, you will need the following materials: – two clean, transparent plastic containers with lids – fine sand – coarse gravel – activate carbon – cotton – filter cloth or coffee filter – scissors – adhesive tape – dirty water to filter step by step step 1: preparation of the containers 1. Wash plastic containers well with soap and water to remove any residue. 2. After that, Drill a hole in the base of one of the containers to allow water to percolate. 3. Place one container on a raise surface, such as a table, and the other underneath to collect the filtere water.

In the container without a hole

Place a layer of coarse gravel about 5 centimeters thick. 2. Make sure the gravel layer is level for even filtration. Step 3: sand layer 1. After that, On top Malaysia WhatsApp Number List of the gravel layer, place a layer of fine sand approximately 10-15 centimeters thick. 2. Again, level the sand layer for effective filtration.After that, Add a layer of activate carbon on top of the sand layer, with a depth of about 5-10 centimeters. 2. After that, Activate carbon will help absorb impurities and odors from the water. Step 5: filter layer 1. Place a layer of cotton over the activate charcoal to prevent it from mixing with the top layer of sand. 2. Cover the cotton with a filter cloth or coffee filter to ensure additional filtration. Step 6: water filtration 1. Pour the dirty water to be filtere over the filter layer in the container with the hole in the base.

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Watch the water filter through

The layers of gravel, sand, charcoal, cotton and filter, emerging clean and safe in the container below. Precautions and considerations – it is Honduras WhatsApp Number List important to remember that this homemade water purifier will not remove all contaminants from the water, so its use is recommende for emergency situations or in areas After that, where the water supply is not safe. – the home purifier must be cleane and disinfecte regularly to ensure its effectiveness and prevent the proliferation of bacteria. – it is always advisable to boil water before filtering it to eliminate dangerous bacteria and viruses. After that, Conclusions with these simple steps, After that, you can create an effective home water purifier to obtain clean and safe water for your consumption. Remember that it is important to maintain good hygiene and cleanliness throughout the filtratio.

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