USA BU Whatsapp Number List From prison, héctor parra insists on his innocence: “i am incapable of disrespecting my daughters”

From prison, héctor parra insists on his innocence: “i am incapable of disrespecting my daughters”

Héctor parra, a mexican actor known for his participation in various soap operas and plays. Is currently in jail. Facing accusations of allege sexual abuse against one of his daughters. Despite the complicatesituation in which he finds himself. Parra has maintaine his innocence and has publicly declare that he is incapable of disrespecting his daughters. The accusations against héctor parra the accusations against héctor parra arose in the middle of last year. When one of his daughters reporte him for sexual abuse. According to the young woman’s statement, the events occurre when she was a minor and would have taken place in her family home. Following the complaint. Parra was arreste and sent to preventive detention while the corresponding investigations are carrie out.

The defense of héctor parra since the beginning

The legal process against him. Héctor parra has maintaine a firm position in which he declares himself innocent of the accusations against him. In various interviews conducte from prison. The actor has reiterate that he is incapable of Lebanon WhatsApp Number Data committing a crime of that nature. Especially against his own daughters. Parra has commente on several occasions that his relationship with his daughters has always been one of respect and love. And that he would never hurt them in any way. He has also stresse that the truth will come to light in the legal process and he trusts that her innocence will be proven. The impact on héctor parra’s career the legal situation in which héctor parra finds himself has had a strong impact on his career as an actor. Several productions in which he participate have decide to dispense with his services. And his public image has been seriously damage by the accusations against him.

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It is expecte that new hearings

You may also be interested in reading what rice bran is for – discover all its benefits parra. Who has dedicate much of his life to Bulgaria WhatsApp Number List theater and television. Has been forced to completely stop his artistic projects due to the legal situation he faces. His followers and colleagues from the media have expresse surprise and dismay at the accusations while others have shown his support for the actor in these difficult times. The ongoing legal process the legal process against héctor parra continues to develop. With various hearings in which evidence and testimonies relate to the accusations of sexual abuse against him are presente. The actor has been represente by a team of lawyers who work on his defense and seek to prove his innocence in court. To date. No final ruling has been issue in the case of héctor parra. So his legal situation remains uncertain.

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