Using robots to block pages This exclusion tells the search engine not to crawl the page, but it can still index the page and show it in the SERP listings. Index page lock This exclusion method indicates that search engines are allowed to visit the page, but are not allowed to display the URL or index the page. This is the recommended shutdown method. There is no such link to blocked pages This is not a supported tactic. With this command, search engines can still access the pages. Even if a search engine can’t follow a page directly, it can access content using browser analytics or other related pages. Meta Robots vs Robots.

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An example of a website’s robots.txt file can help explain how the program works. In this example, the bot file locks the directory. When that particular URL is searched on Google, it shows that 2,760 pages are banned in the directory. In this example, the URL Chinese Overseas Canada Number Data recipients have not been crawled by the engine, so they will not be displayed as traditional lists. Once these pages are linked, they will accumulate the link. Along with their ranking ability, they will also begin to gain popularity and trust as they appear in search results. Because these pages cannot benefit the site because they are not crawled.


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The best way to solve this problem and not let your page rank lose is to use another exclusion method to remove individual pages.   as:   would show better performance than the previous method. Schema can be used to improve how SERPS perceive a website. A Hong Kong WhatsApp Number List schema is a special type of dictionary microdata. is a collective of search engines Bing, Google, Yandex and Yahoo. The collective helps provide search tools with the information they need to decipher content on the web. This helps search engines deliver the most accurate search results every time. Schema markups improve page visibility in SERPs by creating rich snippets that appear on title pages.