You Can Also Associate With Another Artist

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You Can Also Associate With Another Artist

Singular Art crazy artists … But the best is to find a group near you, by typing painter and your city in Facebook: painters You also have Meetup. events in certain cities that allow you to meet “in real life” people passionate about painting like you. Meetup. also offers groups that are often quite active, with sharing of good tips. How to make yourself known as a painter? 21 Even if it is difficult to have good visibility, it remains interesting to increase its visibility as a painter, and perhaps find synergies!

who has works different from yours in order to pool your strengths through a temporary exhibition a room rented from the local town hall. You can even organize your own art fair with all the artists in your region with a specific theme, which will allow you to gain active us phone numbers visibility and notoriety. This is one of the keys to becoming an essential artist in your region. However, this kind of organization requires a lot of energy and investment. 12) If you have computer or video friends, you can also make yourself known via a Buzz video or a painting on a famous singer, artist

Singular Art Crazy Artists

This allows you to promote your work via marketing clips where they will be used as a support for music or to present a message. here are some examples – The clip “ The Seed ” made in Stop Motion with very naive shapes to promote a music video. – The “ Extreme LED Sheep Art ” video for Samsung where shepherds use sheep to make a happening video. – … You can also do paintings on stars, politicians… and then post a photo of your work on Facebook Pages, Facebook Fan Groups… and generally you will get good feedback (if your painting values ​​the person of course!

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Make hyper-targeted Facebook Ads campaigns How to make yourself known as a painter? 22 The beauty of Facebook Ads is that you can target people who like a style of painting, who are in your area (or nationally), with criteria such as profession or income level. So you will advertise in an ultra-targeted way to your target audience. To do this, go to the Facebook Ads Manager: How to make yourself known as a painter? 23 Then select your targeting in a very precise way (artists with a style similar to yours, artistic movement, etc.

Here Are Some Examples

For example here I targeted fans of Bernard Buffet, between 35 and 60 years old, in Paris (i.e. 11,600 people): How to make yourself known as a painter? 24 All that remains is to create your ad (see this article for more tips on Facebook Ads) : How to make yourself known as a painter? 25 To note : Facebook Ads costs €20/day, but you can advertise just for 1 week. You have to target small audiences, never more than 50,000 people, otherwise you risk offering your works to uninterested people. Use negative audiences (eg: remove students, other painters, etc.) to improve your targeting. 13 –

Add on Linkedin gallery owners, interior designers… How to make yourself known as a painter? 26 Thanks to Linkedin you can get in touch with the people whose job it is to sell paintings: Gallerists interior designers … To do this, simply type the profession in the Linkedin search engine, then target your region. You can then contact them by email or Linkedin to offer them your paintings. How to make yourself known as a painter? 27 In conclusion… How to make yourself known as a painter?

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