WordPress.com or WordPress.org. Which option to choose?

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WordPress.com or WordPress.org. Which option to choose?

If you are willing to create a website and search google for the best cms or just ask someone who has a blog, you will surely end up convinced that wordpress is one of the best options to start with.

But once you start to investigate a  Dominican Republic Phone Numbers   little more and see that wordpress.com and wordpress.org exist, you will surely have the same doubts as the rest of the mortals: what are each of them? What is the difference between them? Which is the best to create a website?

In order to clear all your doubts, in this post i will explain what wordpress is, how wordpress.com differs from wordpress.org and what may be the best option depending on the project you want to start. Prepared? Let’s start!

WordPress is a content

manager or cms that was born in 2003 as a blog publishing platform. It is open source software , that is, anyone can download it for free and the code is shared openly to work on it. This allows this content manager to have a large active community that works and collaborates with this cms, improving it and making it grow day by day.

Currently 60% of the web pages created with a cms use wordpress , which represents 29.2% of the websites in the world.

it is an online service that was launched a few years after the birth of wordpress and that uses this cms so that its users can create a web page or a blog. As it is an online tool, it is not necessary to download anything to start, you just have to register on its website. You do not need hosting or domain, your website will be hosted on wordpress.com servers under a subdomain of the type nameofyourwebsite.wordpress.com .

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when we talk about wordpress, we usually refer to wordpress.org , the website where we can download this software completely free of charge. In this case, you do need to contract a hosting plan where you can install your cms and register your own domain .

At first glance , they seem like two very similar options, but they are two completely different worlds. That’s right, the only similarity is that the wordpress.com service uses wordpress as software, well, and the name is almost the same too!

Price price is one of the

main differences between these two options. Wordpress.com is a brand that belongs to the automattic company . Although it is true that it offers a free plan and you do not need to contract any hosting plan, including any additional function has a cost (logically, it is a company).

Instead, wordperss.org depends on the organization wordpress foundation , chaired by matt mullenweg (in turn, ceo of automattic) and you can download it completely free of charge. Of course, since in this case you are only downloading the software, you will need to register a cheap domain and hire a hosting plan where you can install it and make your website available on the internet.

To give you an idea of ​​the costs of creating a website , in this post we explain them in detail, taking into account that you use wordpress as a cms.the fact that wordpress.com is the brand of an online service means that you depend on them for everything and your project will be on their servers. This implies some (if not many) limitations. On the other hand, if you create your website with wordpress.org, the control over your project is maximum.

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This control also involves maintaining your website such as updates to plugins, themes, the wordpress core itself, or backups. Meanwhile, at wordpress.com you can forget about all that since the automattic team does it for you.

Even if the technical part has never been your forte, don’t worry. Many hosting providers like us have created hosting plans optimized for this application like wordpress hosting . This hosting plan created especially for wordpress already includes daily backups, automatic updates and 24/7 support so that nothing gets in the way of your work.


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