Why do you need thank you pages in your conversion process?

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Why do you need thank you pages in your conversion process?

Thank you pages become an important tool in the conversion process. In addition to being the place where the offer is delivered to the user, you can link to other related content that helps you meet your needs. brazil business email list , Do you remember what the conversion process consists of ? All part of a content created to meet the needs of our users. Content that we present on a landing page , where the offer is detailed and the benefit to be obtained is made clear.

This landing page is accessed through call to actions or calls to action . These are buttons or images that link to the offer from different related content.

Steps in the conversion process
A user interested in the offer will complete the corresponding form to receive it. That is when you will come across a thank you page .

Result of this process: we managed to convert a user into a lead , of which we have enough information to be able to interact with him.

CTA + Landing Page + Thank You Page form the perfect conversion process Tweet this
So, a thank you page… is it the page where we thank the user for leaving us their data and we offer the download link to the ebook offered? What if there is no ebook? What if we have reached the thank you page after having signed up for a course? Do we just thank you?

A thank you page is that and much more. It gives us very valuable information. On the one hand, it confirms that the user is really interested in an offer . And, on the other hand, it gives us the possibility to offer you related content . In addition, we do it immediately, just at the moment when we know that you need to cover a need.

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Knowing this, what content should we include on the thank you page?

Structure of a thank you page
There are a series of elements that we consider necessary to be part of a thank you page.

Elements on a thank you page
1. Navigation
A menu that allows the user to return to our website and discover other types of content .

Most likely, a user who downloads our content already knows us. But it may be the case that your first contact with us has occurred on the landing page. Let’s think, for example, of a link to the landing that is published on Twitter by another user who has wanted to share it.

The navigation menu helps us to keep our new lead with us .

2. Offer
The essential element that cannot be missing on a thank you page. The user receives the promised offer on the landing page .

In exchange for leaving us your data, you receive the expected offer. Offer that can be an ebook, a discount code for your next purchase, confirmation of attendance to the course you were waiting for …

3. Related content
It is a good opportunity to offer related content that can expand your knowledge .

In addition, as we have commented before, we do it immediately, at the moment we are sure that you are interested in a specific content. With this, we are getting off to a good start in our lead nurturing strategy . We ensure that the user continues to meet their needs, continuing their relationship with us.

4. Another CTA
Related to the previous point, we can also take advantage of the thank you page to present you another related offer. With the clear objective that the user continues their process within the purchase cycle or buyer journey .

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If not to consume them at the moment, yes so that you have knowledge of them and can enjoy them when you are ready to continue expanding your knowledge on the subject. USA Business , We must take advantage of the possibilities offered by the thank you pages. They provide us with information that we can take advantage of to help our users follow their process in the purchase cycle. They can become the first step in converting a lead into a customer .

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