What is the Google EAT and how does it influence the SEO of a website?

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What is the Google EAT and how does it influence the SEO of a website?

What is Google EAT?
The world’s leading search engine has upped the ante with Google EAT. Creating relevant content and working on SEO is essential, but it is no longer enough to conquer Google in some sectors. Now the Internet is also wanted to be a place of much greater trust for everyone. Kuwait Email Database , Therefore, today I want to talk to you about EAT and YMYL sites, concepts related to SEO and content creation . We will see what they are, what are the factors that determine them and how we can improve our strategy according to certain quality and relevance evaluation criteria.

EAT is the acronym for Expertise , Authoritativeness , Trustworthiness , that is, Experience , Authority and Reliability . The term was first published in 2015, when Google shared a document with an updated and comprehensive guide to its quality guidelines for evaluators.

This document outlined the different guidelines by which Google’s human evaluators must determine whether a website and its contents are of good or bad quality (see: General Guidelines ).

It is no longer enough to publish content on a subject, now we must also demonstrate that the information disclosed is correct, that the website is relevant within that matter and that the credentials of the authors of these texts support their knowledge and experiences in this regard.

Although the EAT saw the light much earlier, it was not until August 2018 when it began to take hold, after the arrival of an update called “Medic Update”. At which point he also started talking about the YMYL sites.

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Known as “the medic update”, this change in the rules was a giant step towards understanding how Google wants us to work on the contents of our pages. Are we facing a new era of content creators?

How important is the EAT for your SEO strategy?
Simplifying the subject a lot, we could say that the EAT is important for almost any user query. But, if we dig a little deeper, it must also be recognized that it is more so for some queries than for others.

Common sense tells us that, as you may understand, a health-related consultation is not as important as the age of your favorite actor, I am referring mainly in terms of “confidence” and “experience”.

For example, if you are looking for legal advice to acquire a mortgage or the maximum dose of a medicine according to the weight of a child, then the E-AT , of course it is very important.

If Google shows us results for these topics, published on sites that lack authority or that have been generated by inexperienced writers, then the probability that they are inaccurate or misleading content increases.

In short, the importance of this factor increases according to specific aspects of the same searches. Without going any further, Google here also refers to topics related to YMYL (Your Money Your Life) , which we will talk about later.

What factors determine the EAT of a website?
It has been said for a long time that the EAT is a very important factor and that it influences the rankings of positions for many results. In fact, it is proven that a site that does not take care of this concept, does not usually get a good positioning.

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You already know that algorithms reward content that adds value to the user and that gives the correct answer to their search intention. With this premise, and going a little further, the factors that influence the EAT refers to:

The experience of the author and of the site in the subjects related to the contents that are published.
The authority and notoriety in a specific professional sector of the Web and its contents.
The trust generated by a website with a good reputation and references.
Next, I’m going to show you in detail each of these factors that determine Google’s EAT.


Experience, in this case, means having the knowledge and skills needed in a particular area. To attest to it, the academic training, the work carried out and the personal and professional experiences that can be verified by the editors of said content are mainly taken into account.

In some subjects, the studies completed, the academic experience and the professional trajectory, are essential to demonstrate and confirm the reputation of the author who writes the contents. In other cases, relying on relevant websites for a topic, it can be achieved only with the daily or professional experience of the writer.

Although this is usually an aspect somewhat more related to the authors, it may be the case that, in some specialized sites or forums, USA Business , the opinions and reviews generated by users also acquire the necessary relevance to be taken as a comment generated by a specialist.


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