what is it for and how does it work in your Marketing strategy? Israel Email List

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what is it for and how does it work in your Marketing strategy? Israel Email List

What is newsjacking?
Surely you have wondered on more than one occasion how you can create viral content. There is a strategy that can help you do this: newsjacking . Israel Email List , And is that when you get everyone to read and share your publication, your authority and notoriety as a brand is affected in a very positive way.

Today I want to talk to you about this technique with which you can viralize your publications. We will see what it is and I will show you how you can use this tactic by using current affairs to your advantage.

The Newsjacking is a marketing technique that involves creating content taking advantage of news that recently appeared in the media , and that is very appealing to public opinion, in order to help raise awareness of a brand.

It is a very original way to attract the attention of the public, since it takes advantage of the viral news to publicize your brand.

This strategy, whose translation into Spanish is, as its name suggests, “news hijacking”, is the work of David Meerman Scott, an economist specialized in marketing and sales techniques, author of the book “The New Rules of Marketing & PR” .

The advantages of newsjacking
You may not, a priori, be seduced by this marketing technique. However, well designed can bring many benefits to your brand and, ultimately, to your website.

Let’s see the advantages it brings to the brands that implement it:

1. Increase traffic to the web
If you are the first to publish a relevant news item in your sector , users will not only read it on your website, but will also share it.

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This translates into an increase in traffic to your website that, in addition to helping you gain authority, benefits your positioning in Internet search engines.

2. Improve your web positioning
Becoming a benchmark for the audience has a very positive consequence, and that is that it improves your SEO positioning .

With this technique you increase the probability that other websites will link your content on their page, improving your backlinks and sending traffic, which translates into better web positioning.

3. You gain authority
With the generation of novel and relevant content , you get your brand to begin to gain authority, something that all websites continually seek. Therefore, it is a tactic to consider in content marketing .

4. You manage to increase your community of followers on social networks
When you have up-to-date content , your audience doesn’t want to miss a single post. That is why they look for you in the most used social networks , and they follow you, managing to improve the effectiveness of your communication strategy.

5. You increase your community of followers also on your website
People value quality content and that, in addition, it is original. This tactic helps you become a benchmark in your sector, making you have more and more people interested in your brand.

Take advantage of this circumstance to include them in your funnel with a good Email marketing strategy .

What are the characteristics of a good newsjacking?
When implementing this tactic, it is very important that you know well the strengths that make this technique very effective that gives maximum visibility to brands.

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And it is that not everything goes when it comes to “hijacking news.” I want to share with you the characteristics that make these contents go viral:

The moment in which you publish your content is key to being successful . If someone of your competition takes over the news before you, it takes all the traffic, and the strategy loses effectiveness. That is why you must make sure that you are up to date and know the news of your sector.

Creativity is essential whenever you are creating content for your business, but when it comes to doing newsjacking even more. Because when a news item goes viral, there are many media, brands and entities that are going to spread it.

Therefore, you have to design in an original way the way in which you tell the news , and also do not forget that you must relate it to your brand.

Suitable tone
The content has to be written in the right tone . It can be humorous, dramatic, or even melancholic. The goal is always to connect with the emotions of the users in the right tone, to reach their hearts.

Keep your brand branding in mind to set the tone of communication and the power of emotional marketing to connect.

Suitable channel
You must spread the news in the communication channels where it will have the most impact. Finding the right one can make the difference between whether your content goes viral or not. How to develop a good newsjacking strategy in 3 steps? USA Business ,  Now that you know what it consists of, we are going to talk about the steps you must follow to create an ef

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