What is Fundo, the new social network for influencers?

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What is Fundo, the new social network for influencers?

If you have already heard of it, it is that you are up to date in the world of influencers. Fundo has many surprises in store for us, as it is a new social network that even small list of australian mobile phone companies businesses can take advantage of. Do you want to know how it works and why many consider it so interesting to connect with your audience? Find out in this article!Fundo is a social network created by Google itself and designed for influencers and youtubers . It describes itself as a virtual photo booth, an analogy that refers to those encounters between artists and their fans, eager to “take their picture” with them and meet in person backstage at a concert or at a certain event.On this platform, influencers or companies can create and participate in different types of live interactive experiences and events , set the date of these events and, if they wish, sell tickets.The idea is to monetize the events that the content creators themselves organize online, making it a new way to generate income. As we have mentioned before, Fundo is not only aimed at influencers and celebrities, this platform also has great potential for companies and content creators who want to raise engagement with their audience to another level.Unlike other similar platforms, creating or attending all kinds of live virtual events and experiences with Fundo is truly intuitive. Users will be able to decide to attend workshops, talks or concerts online and, in addition, enjoy certain privileges, such as… speak directly with the artist!

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The operation is simple: the influencer creates the event and sets it for a certain date, interested people register and will receive an email to remind them of the event. Everything is in the hands of those who create the event, since they can control the price of the tickets, offer discounts or organize this kind of video chat completely free of charge.In addition to control over the payment process, event creators will be able to view the records, control the live broadcast and customize different aspects, such as whether they want to meet with a single person or organize group meetings. They can also let the event take place at the time that the attendees request it.In addition, hosts can offer exclusive content directed only to followers subscribed to their YouTube paid channel.This application can be used on both mobile phones and computers. Users who access it will be able to view all the available events as if it were a virtual agenda, register, answer some questions, pay for the ticket (if it is not free) and attend on the indicated date. The platform generates a link for virtual assistance, sends reminders via email and, if necessary, offers technical support.

As the term itself indicates, fans have the ability to speak directly to the host, be it an influencer, company, or another personality. The chats are carried out one by one, they are personal meetings in which the guest / attendee can take a souvenir photo with a personalized frame.The formula is very exclusive, so of the three options, this is surely the format that most allows to increase value and monetization.In this type of virtual experience, influencers or companies can organize meetings of up to 30 people, being able to establish different shifts to host different groups with this capacity limit. Attendees can also ask for a turn, but to ask questions of the creator of the event and, in this way, generate a dynamic and comfortable usa business environment.In the face-to-face format, we already know this type of event. However, as a result of the pandemic and the emergence of other platforms, such as Twitch, these types of events are becoming more and more common in the online world. And it is that in this way more people can attend and have the possibility of meeting, albeit virtually, their favorite influencer or content creator.

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