What is ASO? SEO of Apps

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What is ASO? SEO of Apps

If you do SEO on the web, in mobile apps you have to do ASO. Positioning for apps in app stores.
How many apps do you have installed on your smartphone? And on your tablet? How did you meet them? Ecuador Email Address , More than 63% of the installations come from searches in the main app stores: App Store and Google Play.

Forrester Research
And how do we position ourselves for searches made by users? The answer is ASO: App Store Optimization.

ASO comes to be, more or less, the same as SEO on the web. ASO is the process of optimizing an app in order to appear in the first results when the user searches in the application stores. The more visibility a mobile application has in the stores, the more chances it will have of being found by users and, therefore, the more chances of getting downloads.

The SEO , as we know, is the set of techniques that can be applied on a website (or a website) so that it is positioned in the top search results in search engines (Google in particular). The ASO, on the other hand, is based on the same concept, but brought to the mobile application stores: App Store and Google Play.

The ASO process is like the SEO process: It doesn’t end with a single implementation. The ASO process consists of different processes: from keyword research , optimization of the landing (tab) of our app, monitoring. And start over!

In the same way that there are some SEO factors : on-page and off-page , which we must work for so that SEO works, there are ASO factors: on-metadata and off-metadata , which we will also have to work to reach the top in the App .

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ASO factors
App name : The name of an app must contain the main keywords by which we want to be found and, in addition, be attractive.
Description : The description of an app, in the case of Google Play, must include keywords (without reaching spam) and, in the case of Apple, it must be used as a marketing weapon to captivate users.
Keywords : In the case of Google Play we do not have a “keywords” field, while in Apple we do. Use it with care!
Name of the developer : That the name of the developer include keywords is good. Furthermore, the seniority of the developer is also an important factor. Older developers have more “strength” to rank.
Icon : The icon does not directly affect the ASO. However, it is essential to get the attention of users. It is usually the first thing they notice. Hire a good designer!
Screenshots : As with the icon, the screenshots chosen for the tab of an app will not make it rank better, but a good selection of screenshots will make users “die” to install it.
Installations : The more installations and the faster we get them, the better positioned the application will be. There are different ways to get facilities: own channels, press releases, reviews on websites / blogs, app marketing campaigns on display networks, social media, influencers, email marketing, etc.
Uninstalls : It is good for users to install an app. What is not so good is that the uninstall rate is high. It is an indicator that the product (app) is not as good as it should be. Ratings and Comments: The Famous Stars! Positive reviews directly affect an app’s ASO. But be careful, don’t buy reviews! That could be understood as “Black Hat ASO” and is punishable by Google and Apple.
Social signals : In the case of Google Play, the more +1, the better. In the case of Apple, the more Facebook likes, the better.
Linkbuilding : The gossips say that, in the case of Google Play, the links that the URL of an application receives improves the ASO… Is it true?
The opportunity
This is a relatively new discipline (compared to others) within Digital Marketing. However, few companies take it into account in their app marketing strategies. USA Business   For this reason, carrying out a good ASO strategy will allow us to hit the table and differentiate ourselves from the competition .

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