What is a domain name and how to choose the ideal name for your project?

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What is a domain name and how to choose the ideal name for your project?

What is the domain name?
The domain name is the address of your business on the internet, a unique identifier through which your website is accessed. It can be the combination of letters and numbers (although there are some characters not allowed) and it can be used with various extensions such as .COM, .ES, etc. North Korea Email Address , If your website is your home, the domain name is the address of your digital home . If you want your users to visit you, it is important that they know where you live and find you easily.

The choice of the name is essential both in terms of Branding and search engines, and therefore, it must meet certain requirements that will mark small, but important differences in brand positioning . Today we will see what factors you should take into account when deciding which one you will use for your Web project.

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What is a domain name?
Valid and invalid characters in a domain name
How to choose a powerful domain name for your business or new Web project?
3 Tools to find domain names
What is a domain name?
The domain name is a unique and unique identifier or name that contains the web address of your business , and indicates where your users can find you.

It is the gateway to your business, and therefore, it is important to choose a name that positions you, that is easy to remember and to find.

It is made up of two elements:
On the one hand, the proper name of your brand.
On the other, the extension : .com, .es, .io.
For you to make the right choice, Adriana Freire from Dinahosting has come to tell us in detail, what factors you have to take into account when choosing your domain name. I leave you with them.

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Valid and invalid characters in a domain name
How to choose a powerful domain name for your business?
Before we get down to work, you have to be clear that domain names can only be made up of letters and numbers. The rest of the characters that we have may have some peculiarities:

For example, it cannot be used , since it is already included in the extension of your choice: .ES, .ORG, .NET …

The script
Yes, you can use it, but as long as it does not match either the first or the last character of your domain name.

However, since the easier your domain is to write and remember, the better, what we recommend is that you choose a denomination that can be typed or pronounced in one go.

The spaces
As you will already suppose, they are also prohibited .

Other prohibited characters
All these characters cannot be used either: &,%, $, /, (,), =,?, ¿, «,!

And what about the ñ?
We only recommend it if you already have a registered trademark in the real world that includes that letter and you want your virtual brand to be called the same or very similar.

In any case, the logical thing is that you also register that same domain, but with nh .

Why? There are email providers that do not accept the ñ, so when you get ready to create the professional email account or accounts for your project, you will run into a problem.

If you have the secondary domain with registered nh, you can create the email addresses from it.

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You will also know that on keyboards that are marketed in non-Spanish-speaking countries, the ñ is not included, so again, the secondary domain can be your passport.

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How to choose a powerful domain name for your business or new Web project?
Choosing a good name for your website or eCommerce is essential on the Internet.

Think that your website is the showcase that your users will access, just like they do when they go to a physical store, so they have to remember you and search for you by that domain .

Also, the name you choose for your web domain can never be the same as another that already exists. So, it will be a key differentiator compared to the rest of the competing sites in your sector. USA Business , Now that we are clear about the characters that we can use, let’s see some strategies to choose a powerful domain name that makes you stand out from your competition.

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