“What Has Remained Stagnant Is What Many Clients Ask of Creativity”

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“What Has Remained Stagnant Is What Many Clients Ask of Creativity”

2021 has welcomed June as the official month of creativity. During the 30 days that make it up, various festivals recognized for their trajectory are held. Such as Cannes Lions, El Sol or the CdeC. In a year that the industry seeks to recover from the strong. Impact of the pandemic, creativity has reinforced its role to give itself prominence in advertising activity. Undoubtedly, creativity will be an essential element for all experts who still. Pour their hopes and vocation into this type of work. The question is, do we give it the weight it deserves? In a world where content has become king. It is worth pausing to reflect on the strategies to be carried. Out for this new post-pandemic era. For this reason, from we have contacted Chema Cuesta.. Creative director of T & P, so that he can offer his point of view on this new role of creativity.

Content has become the king of all marketing strategies. Do you think that brands give it the importance it deserves? I believe that branded content still has a long way to go for most brands, except for BBVA or Vodafone, for example, which have been clearly betting on content for many years, in general the majority make small or intermittent incursions pakistan cell number directory this discipline. There are also factors such as the age of the target that a brand wants to address or how short-term it is in marketing objectives. If a brand wants to connect with a younger audience or if it wants to brand a brand territory, branded content is a good lever to connect. Little by little, the commitment to content will grow and the battle will be to gain attention through quality and media support.

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I Remember a Phrase from Reed Hastings

The CEO of Netflix, who said that his competition was not HBO but Fornite. The battle is to gain a share in that entertainment time of the audience. And the challenge for the brands will be to be present in that time, where they will compete to gain a place among the series, video games and YouTubers content. For this, it will be important to develop solid and continuous strategies over time to connect with an increasingly demanding and busy audience. We have reached June, which this year has become the month of events and creativity. What perception do you have of the events that are coming?

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The situation caused by COVID-19 has decaffeinated all these advertising events. These appointments were not only to see the best jobs of. The year but also an expected meeting point, networking, etc. And by getting lost that makes you see things with a certain distance and less intensely. I trust that in 2022 everything will return to the normality we knew. From your point of view, has creativity stagnated? For me, what has remained stagnant is what many clients ask of creativity. Let me explain, in our country there have always been great creatives. However in recent years a wave of short-termism and of understanding. Advertising more as a performance tool than brand building has led to the advertising that we see and hear today. It’s a shame, really.

On Which Pillars Should a Brand’s Content Be Consolidated to Have an Impact?

There are several important pillars such as consistency with brand values ​​and consistency over time. I believe that these two pillars are essential. To build a content strategy that connects with a brand’s audience. In the medium and long term. To these pillars I would add working in a variety of formats (audiovisual, podcasts, editorial…). To be present on different platforms and expand the points of contact. Of the platforms currently on the market. Which one would you choose to let creativity flourish. And generate a greater impact on the audience?

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