What Does 2021 Bring Us in Security and Brand Suitability?

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What Does 2021 Bring Us in Security and Brand Suitability?

Fernando Rellán (AXA), Raquel Melero (Atresmedia) and Vicente Ros (Reprise Digital). Led by Benito Marín from Integral Ad Science and Pilar Valcárcel from Taboola, invite us to connect next. Thursday 25 to a colloquium on 2021 trends in brand safety and suitability. In the last year, the extraordinary events that we have experienced have generated a great deal of content in the media. But they have also fueled hate speech, as well as misinformation and fake news. This has left many marketers especially concerned about the environments in which their ads appear.

Each user a speaker of the brand . In line with all that has been said, now each person has become a content creator : post a photo of a product on social networks, a review, create content… “It is good to maximize the dissemination of the brand through other people , but ensuring that all this dissemination is aligned with how we want the brand to france mobile phone number example perceived”, insists the consultant and business expert. 5.- The client has more and more information and alternatives . That is why it is important to stand out, but the challenge is to find the balance between doing something different to attract attention and being consistent with the brand . “The eternal duel between marketing with short-term goals and the brand department with long-term goals.”

In Addition, Third Party Cookies Will Soon Be Phased

Out due to privacy concerns. The colloquium will analyze how contextual and semantic control technologies are key to connecting with the consumer in a “cookieless” world . In addition, we will talk openly with our panelists to draw some conclusions that can guide us in managing this new environment. Reserve your virtual place for this colloquium, in which the following experts will participate: Fernando Rellán (E-Sales Manager AXA) Raquel Melero (Head of Audience Ads & Programmatic Atresmedia Publicidad) Vicente Ros (Managing Director Reprise Digital Spain) Organize: Benito Marín (Team Lead, Customer Success, Spain and Portugal IAS) Pilar Valcárcel (Country Manager, Spain and Portugal Taboola) Join this exciting conversation with brands, agencies and publishers, along with IAS and Taboola.

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France Phone Number List

The first slogan of McDonald’s Spain When we hear « I’m lovin’ it» we automatically think of McDonald’s. Its well-known hamburgers, its Happy Meal with a toy included and its red and yellow packaging. This slogan would come much later, since the first one in Spain, forty years ago, was “ See you at McDonald’s” . In 2014 there was an attempt to change “I’m lovin’ it” too. “Lovin’Beats Hatin” (which as “love beats hate”). With the aim of attracting a wider audience, it failed. finished curdling.

Brand Micro-Experiences : in This Sense, When the User Goes to a Store

Physical space, they live the entire brand experience. But experiences are getting shorter and shorter . Networks, the online channel, online delivery and the so-called ‘take away’ have opened the door to. The challenge of micro-content, micro-experiences and micro-contacts in uncontrolled environments. For example, an advertisement on Instagram in the middle of very diverse posts. The challenge is, assures Oscar Vayreda once again. That it is necessary to manage more materials and formats and give them a strong brand personality. So that they convey the right idea wherever they appear as long as they do.


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