What Do the “Bosses” of the Companies Ask of the Marketing Department?

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What Do the “Bosses” of the Companies Ask of the Marketing Department?

Marketing is actually much more than conversions (which are just the tip of the iceberg), but when it comes to evaluating marketers’ performance, business leaders are keeping an eye on sales. According to a recent CMO Council study , 80% of business executives agree that billing and sales growth is the most important duty to the marketing department. 79% of those who hold the baton within companies also trust the ability of the marketing department to return to the path of growth in 2021. It seems, on the other hand, that the interaction between marketers and C-suite executives is happily on the up. Not in vain, 84% of business leaders report a more than regular effort in this regard.

Still, less than half of C-suite executives (46%) rate the performance of the marketing department in 2020 as very good or exceptional . And 45% attaches to that performance the qualifying adjective of moderate.

Increases the confidence of business leaders in the marketing department Although this is a number that can be significantly improved, the truth is that 37% of business leaders see the collaboration between marketing and certain functional areas business phone number uk the business as “close, balanced, efficient and well integrated”. “Those who assume leadership positions in companies seem to have seen their confidence in the marketing department strengthened.

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Not surprisingly, 62% consider the role of the CMO as an ambassador and champion of the customer experience to be essential ”, emphasizes Donovan Neale-May, executive director of the CMO Council.

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“The Fact That Cmos Are Also Viewed

Albeit at a secondary level, as leaders in digital transformation and marketing automation is also a significant advantage given the modernization of this role in a universally world ,” adds Neale-May. Still, it’s not all blandishment of CMOs from business leaders, who are calling for CMOs to improve in these five areas : Demand generation and sales development. Ideation, execution and impact of campaigns. Customer journey , acquisition and conversion. Marketing planning with a view to providing support for digital growth strategies.
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Actions based on “insights” extracted from customer data. Furthermore, business leaders believe that CMOs can add value to organizations in five different ways : Injecting new thoughts, ideas and innovations Offering judgments and objective points of view.
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Introducing proven practices and methodologies. Strengthening leadership. Act as agents of change. You have to go with the truth ahead and be careful what terrain you get into, ”explains García.

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Although Bordas acknowledges that this action has to be within your sector because ” starting to talk about issues that are not about your business can be misunderstood, in addition to the fact that if you do not have a history in that line, it is.” At this point, de Vicente joins the debate to share his opinion that brands are part of the social ecosystem and also agents of change: “ the reality is that there are brands that demand more from consumers than others, so those that demand more They are the ones who have the most to give back.
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And I Don’t Want to Say That All Brands

Have to position themselves, but there are some that are to do so. Benedicto adds to the debate the role of technology. Which helps us to do analysis thanks to the data it provides. Something that Evo Banco reinforces, since “ what cannot be does not exist ”. And García points to the change of habits to reinforce his argument.

Bordas recognizes that the change is in the perception: “ Emotion is something transformative. What you are looking for is more or less the same. It has not been that long for there to be a brutal change . We have to look for ourselves again to know how to explain ourselves and. In our case, how we sell milk.

To do this we go down to any network that reinforces our message and penetrates the consumer. Although television also helps because it has the advantage of visual language”.

On the other hand, González acknowledges that connecting with the audience is not entirely easy.

Since traditional media require specific moments, but there is an opportunity. Establish a conversation thanks to technology and the change that makes brands interact with the user . Something that Evo Banco reinforces when commenting on the danger of being as opportunists.
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In this sense, from Tangoº they are to reaching Zero Party Data through technology because. “ The data it offers you gives you clues about their motivations and consumption patterns that can be into strategies ”.

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