What Brands Are Marketers Dying to Work On?

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What Brands Are Marketers Dying to Work On?

Bad news for companies that are looking for and attracting new talent in the area of ​​marketing . Specialists in this segment of activity are more demanding than ever (although their preferences vary substantially depending on their age and their country of origin). In a recent study of a global nature, the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) has set out to discover what most motivates marketers when signing up for a particular company. And the factors that most spur the motivation of marketers when joining the ranks of a company are that it has a sufficiently clear purpose , that strong and vigorous brands are integrated into its portfolio, and that its reputation and your track record is solid.

With this data in mind, it’s not surprising at all that the brands that most make marketers tick to work with are Apple, Unilever, and P&G. In any case, there are more than conspicuous differences between marketing professionals from the point of Azerbaijan WhatsApp Number List of gender . While men place particular value on companies providing shelter for strong brands in their portfolio, women prefer to work for companies where ethical and sustainable business models prevail. Differences can also be seen from the point of view of the origin of the marketers. Professionals based in Southeast Asia generally attach less importance to purpose than their European colleagues.

Companies That Put Their Customers First

Are more attractive to marketers On the other hand, and with their sights set on the way companies sink their teeth into marketing. Marketers consider that those companies that put the customer first are the most attractive. Likewise, in the eyes of marketers, the innovation and reputation that companies themselves. Forge when it comes to generating really. Cutting-edge marketing talent is highly praised. The so-called “customer-centricity” is in any case more seductive for marketers with more than 10 years of experience. In Latin America and in Europe more attention is paid to the investment. Companies to give bellows to the talent that is in your entrails.

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“Marketing talent is more demanding than ever. And you want to work for brands and companies that have clear values ​. A mission that goes beyond increasing performance. Values ​​​​the benefits of a social nature”, explains Stephan Loerke, CEO of the WFA. New Behavioral Journeys: The Key To Our Inbound Marketing Strategy. Themselves With Their Behavior. We Will Be The Ones To Choose Triggers Based On Micromoments Such As Post-Purchase Triggers. Abandoned Carts, Category Views Or Out Of Stock Products, Among Others.

The Journeys Have The Clear Objective Of Taking Advantage

These Micromoments To Convert, Sell, Loyalty, Meet The Leads, Segment, Scoring And Even Attract New Leads. In the words of Quique Arranz, Strategy Manager at Making Science. “The correct development and implementation of this Inbound Marketing Strategy will give us a clear indication of our. Level of maturity in this field and to a good. Extent also of the digitalization of our business.” In conclusion, the automation. Segmentation and activation of journeys will be the. Keys to the success of the inbound strategies of the future and the companies. That bet on it will be able to increase not only their sales. But also nurture the relationship with their customers and build their loyalty.

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