What Are the Most Valuable Spanish Football Club Brands in the World?

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What Are the Most Valuable Spanish Football Club Brands in the World?

Brand Finance has published its ‘Football 50 2021 Report’ , revealing the most valuable football club brands globally . If there is one specific fact to highlight in this edition of the ranking, it is that the failed project of the Superliga has taken away the strength of the signatures of the 12 clubs involved. This has been reflected in a loss of 600 million its total brand value. Real Madrid remains at the top of the podium , with a brand value of 1,272 million euros . The coronavirus has caused the white club to lose 10.1% of its value this year and 2020 was the first year, since 2012, that the upward trend was reversed. In any case, it should be noted that in the last decade it has managed to double its value, with more than 684 million euros.

The silver is again for FC Barcelona , with a value of 1,266 million euros . The Blaugrana club, which has been increasing its brand value since 2012, reduces it this year somewhat more than its rival, as it falls by 10.4%. However, he has managed to retain more brand strength, which is now 91.1 out of 100. Atlético de Madrid is the third most valuable landline numbers south Africa within the Spanish ones, but it is in the 13th position if we take into account the international ones. The pandemic makes it lose 5.3% in brand value and 3.6 points in strength. Of the club signatures, Athletic Bilbao is the one that has experienced the greatest drop , 14.5%, since it has mainly been impacted by the coronavirus.

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The Most Valuable Spanish

Football club brands in the world Next, we share a table with the seven Spanish football club brands that have entered the world top made by Brand Finance, according to the position in which they have been in it. Brand finance ranking brands spanish football clubs The top 10 with international football club brands Far behind Real Madrid and Barcelona, Manchester United have retained third place despite suffering a 14% decline in brand value to €1.13bn. Within the top 10, only Manchester City in fourth place (1,118 million euros) and Bayern Munich (1,068 million euros) in fifth place, avoided declines in brand value, with both clubs climbing one place in the ranking. Internationally, Bayern Munich clinch the title of the world’s strongest football club brand , with a brand strength score of 91.9 points.

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Liverpool have dropped from fourth to sixth place , with a 23% decline in brand value, which is now €973m. PSG is placed in seventh with a brand value of 887 million euros, followed by Chelsea. Which is down 19% and has a value of 769 million euros, and Tottenham , with 723. Finally, we find in the tenth place to Arsenal. With 675 million and which has dropped by 6.2%. world’s most valuable football club brands. A complicated year for the sector due to the coronavirus and the Super League
The coronavirus has hit football clubs hard. Before the arrival of COVID-19, Brand Finance had calculated that the sector was worth 20,219,000 million. Last year alone, the world’s most valuable football club brands had lost €751 million. A year later the situation is far from being in the past.

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Together, They Have Lost 11% of the Brand Value Compared

To 2020 , that is, the equivalent of 2,175 million euros. Therefore, if we add this figure to the one mentioned above. The pandemic would have already caused club brands to lose almost 3,000 million euros. Only the seven brands that represent Spain in the ranking have suffered losses amounting to 429 million euros. On the other hand, the announcement of the Super League has been another blow. Brand Finance estimated that it could have seized 2.5 billion. 25% of the total value of its brands, from the 12 founding clubs.

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