What are 301 and 302 redirects and how to configure them

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What are 301 and 302 redirects and how to configure them

Whenever we have to do redirects of the type 301, 302 or another type, the same questions usually arise. I quote you some of the most common: is my website prepared for it? What type of redirect is the most suitable for me? Will I lose all the SEO work I have done so far? Will Google penalize me? What happens if one day I remove the redirects? And, above all: how are they made?In this article I will try to give you an answer to all these questions so that you have a little clearer the way to follow online phone directory australia in each case. It is very simple!Explained in a very succinct way, 301 and 302 redirects are a way of telling the Google crawler or your crawler robot that the URL of a web page has changed permanently or temporarily.It is about doing a kind of forwarding so that, when a user loads the old / original URL, they are automatically redirected to the new URL that we have applied, without being barely aware of it. If a redirect is not done and the URL is moved or deleted, any user with the old URL will see an error. Not to mention the backlinks pointing to that URL and it was giving us good results.

As long as we understand what redirects are used for and how we can do them, there is no need to worry if we find ourselves in the situation of having to use them.Every time code 301 is entered, which is an HTTP status code, we are faced with a permanent redirect, which is used when the URL of a page has been modified.Likewise, this formula can also be useful when we create a new page (for example, a post) with updated content from an existing one and we want to avoid Google penalizing the ranking of these pages for duplicate content.When we apply a 301 redirect to a URL that is already well positioned in internet search engines, the next time the Google robot (or bot) or another search engine visits that page, it will understand that the URL is already obsolete and will replace it with the new URL that the redirect points to.In the eyes of Google, when doing a 301 redirect we have a new URL that maintains the same weight and authority that the previous one has accumulated. Now, for this to be completely so, it must be done correctly.Here are some examples of circumstances in which we can resort to a 301 redirect:

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news.inboundcycle.com/blog/posts-tips to inboundcycle.com/blog.To solve or prevent duplicate content problems (something very common when we make a domain name change).To solve cannibalizations between two or more pages that, due to having very similar content or competing for the same keywords, are poorly positioned.Once we have applied our redirect or redirects, it is not necessary for them to be permanently active. In fact, it is estimated that in about six months all the new URLs will have been propagated to Google. In spite of everything, it is advisable to wait a year before starting to usa business remove the redirects.Code 302 signals a temporary redirect. One of the most notable features that differentiates it from a 301 redirect is that, in the case of 302 redirects, the strength of SEO is not transferred to the new URL. This is because this redirect has been designed to be used when there is a need to redirect content to a page that will not be the final one. Thus, once the redirect is removed, the original page will not have lost its search engine rankings.


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