Visual thinking, graphic recording and how drawings solve problem Hong Kong Email List

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Visual thinking, graphic recording and how drawings solve problem Hong Kong Email List

Visual thinking involves taking advantage of our innate ability to see, both with our eyes and our mind’s eye (imagination), to discover ideas that would otherwise remain hidden, develop those ideas quickly and intuitively, Hong Kong Email List , and then share those ideas with others. people so that they just “catch it.” Dan Roam Before we even learned the vowels, we already made ourselves with colors and paper and made an authentic declaration of intentions, feelings and what was put in front of us in drawings. We were young, we still lacked a journey and, basically, still learned many things in school, and yet we were able to draw and pour a lot of feelings, messages and illusions onto a blank page. The visual thinkingIt is about that, precisely. It is a technique by which words go beyond themselves, as such, and transcend thanks to their presentation in images. Images are the essential correlate of complex ideas. That’s clear. Without images it would be considerably more difficult to understand them.

All you need to solve your problems are drawings . We are facing a way to make problem solving more efficient, fun and effective, business problems too. A crucial point in Dan Roam’s approach is that visual thinking and drawings as a means of solving problems have nothing to do with artistic abilities, in illustration:

“I don’t know how to draw” isn’t worth it , if you know how to make basic geometric figures and little else, you know how to do what you propose in this way

Roam talks about visual representation to sell an idea, or present a concept or product . However, it raises visual thinking as a process that can be introduced before the very conception of the idea in question, it can be used to discover that idea, develop it later and, finally, present it.

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To convert a more or less dense text into images, it is necessary to read it slowly, read it more than once and turn it over. To exploit visual thinking, Dan Roam, in his book, Your World on a Napkin, proposes a process that includes four steps: look, see, imagine and, finally, show . This book and its main message go through how a drawing on a piece of paper can be much more effective and powerful than any excel or powerpoint presentation . The only thing that is needed, according to the author, is a pen, a piece of paper and a little imagination. Later, this same author published Bla bla bla , a title that refers to a world in which “we talk so much that we don’t think well.”

The objective? End the blah blah blah. Vivid thinking offers a method to clear everything up. Through examples, Roam shows that anyone can apply this system, from the most analytical minds, who hate to draw, to the most emotional, who cannot bear to write. In this video about Visual Thinking and Graphic Facilitation at TED they explain very well how the brain receives information and how images are consequently essential when transmitting any message:


What is graphic recording? It could be said that it is very similar to those good notes of yesteryear, when we asked for them and recognized from the league that they were great, and that many times they had been improved after a class, implemented with images, more information, bibliography, etc. In this case, we are talking about a tool that consists of collecting, structuring and dumping the information of a talk, presentation or reading that is done with great care and detail, in situ, by means of drawings, labels and shapes that make a mass of information a perfect photo, simple and easy to digest.

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Visual thinking, graphic recording and social media It makes sense, of course it does. This type of solution would achieve results that would have a direct impact on community engagement. I refer to the facts:
A post that includes a photo or photo album on Facebook gets more than 100% more engagement than one without them.
Photos, memes, and everything that shows ideas and concepts graphically circulates and goes around a thousand times, we see them and we continue to see them for months and months. Even to the point of getting tired visually speaking on our timeline.
The most precious asset we have is ** time ** the more you save the person who reads to you, the higher the level of attention they will show.
It gives a lot of play. USA Business   You can convey any type of message, in many different ways. And this, for a content plan, can be a real wonderful wildcard: contests, etc., information that is repeated but with different nuances and that could be perfectly specified thanks to these techniques.

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