Twitter starts experimenting with ‘buy button’

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Twitter starts experimenting with ‘buy button’

Santiago, Chile -. The microblogging social network has accustomed us to its continuous changes in recent times, now Twitter is experimenting with a direct purchase button that will be added to the paid advertising of the site. Here we tell Denmark Email List you more about this new tool. Twitter continues to test new functions, this time it is the option to purchase objects directly from the Timeline, this button would be available only for advertisements that appear on mobile devices such as Smartphones and tablets, and directs the user to a link to make the transaction quickly and easily.

Little by little this social network has been flooded with advertising, which has tried to go as unnoticed as possible, but in practice it has not been entirely like that. It should be noted that consumers in general tend to be indifferent to these changes, since they do not greatly influence the comfort and operation of the application in question, others openly appreciate the new possibilities offered by these alliances with the trade. Although it is unknown when this option will be available permanently and for all countries (since the system is in the testing phase), the very idea of ​​having such direct access to the purchase of an object seems to be very attractive for companies. , so it is to be expected that Twitter will take very happy accounts with these reforms to its operation.

3 tips for mobile marketing

The explosive popularity of mobile and social media is reinforced by interactions with customers, who seek different ways of interacting with each other and with brands. Mexico, DF.- Marketing experts have understood the enormous potential of mobile media channels, which is why they invest heavily in these communication systems in mobile marketing efforts. More related notes: Ambush Marketing Dictatorial
propaganda: the transmedia marketing of The Hunger Games
“You should never lose focus of who they are, where they are and what your customers want”: Jorge Loperena, director of marketing and media NFL Mexico However, these efforts are also constantly made without taking into account the connection with other traditional customer and channel marketing activities , such as sending emails, phone calls, interactions within the store, among others.Combine the location and identity of the users to personalize mobile offers. Many applications send messages in real time to users based on their location, while others rely on who the user is but not where they are; neither of these does a good job if both options are not integrated.

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Businesses must make the effort to connect social and mobile with other marketing channels, often limiting these advertising methods, to focus on other, more personal actions. Study: Working from home can make us less creativ IBM recommends following the recommendations below for an effective digital marketing strategy. Use data from social media to sharpen customer profiles. Although most companies have valuable customer data in their databases, this must be reinforced with information about them on social networks to have a more complete profile of the consumer. Make marketing decisions in real time based on Likes . One of the most powerful tools for marketers today is the ability to convert customer interactions into targeted marketing opportunities, for this, you have to take advantage of the options that social networks have to know the preferences of the customers, such as the button Like from Facebook.


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