Trends in web design 2020: what comes to stay

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Trends in web design 2020: what comes to stay

What trends in web design are going to hit you this next year? We do a quick review of the most important ones to keep up to date. Azerbaijan Email List , We bring you a compilation of the main web design trends that we will see in 2020.

Trends in Web Design 2020
Dark Mode. Dark mode

Dark mode is so hot right now.

Sam Chang, Product Designer at 99designs
Nothing super innovative but we are seeing it everywhere and it is one of the clearest trends if not the most important.

Hand drawn design elements

The design is becoming more and more eclectic. Anything that makes the brand have more personality is welcomed. Personality is today synonymous with the breakdown of the patterns that we were accustomed to (symmetries, etc.).

3D everywhere

We already started to see it last year and it is getting bigger and bigger. The design gains perspective and is translated into new representations.

Fonts without rules

We are in the era where designers break the traditional rules of typography. Time to play.

Elim Chan
Huffington Post
Own personality

Author: Fernando Nunes
Everyone has access to stock images, to unsplash on duty. And for this reason, it is increasingly necessary to have your own visual personality. Illustrations that convey your brand in a unique way.


Stan Yakusevich – ( My Smart Home)
It is clear that today, more than ever, we need to capture the attention of our audience. Therefore, animate backgrounds, shapes, images, etc. It is almost a must if we want to live up to expectations.

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Short France Festival
Google cloud
Anti-standard. The search for the eclectic

Having a “nice” design today is very easy. You just have to download any template from one of the hundreds of template websites on the market.

However, differentiation is vital, more and more, and that is why we must avoid, as much as we can, standards and repeat formulas. We must surprise our audience from the first second.

Color explosion

Project Baboon by Sagmeister & Walsh
Gone are the muted tones. It is the time of uncovering and we are experiencing a true renaissance of creativity in terms of colors, shapes and animations.


We have been bonanza for a few years now. This next year will be no less and we will continue to see an explosion of typographic creativity. From brands that make their own fonts (and of course make them available to everyone) to impossible combinations. And if we can, by the way, we encourage them.

Pittori di cinema
And of course…
Mobile First
Nothing new here but it is necessary to keep remembering it. We say goodbye little by little to the desktop web so that everything becomes more mobile. It is time to adapt everything to the mobile user, to the different resolutions that we use on a day-to-day basis while we eat, walk, etc.

Loading speed
How fast is it? Then more. The faster they load your content, the better for everyone. You will not lose visits, Google will treat you better. USA Business  We continue for bingo with the One-page. It seems that we will continue to see single page websites. And not only downwards, but also be careful with the horizontal scrolls.

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