Top 20: the best tools to create landing pages … and increase your conversion rate

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Top 20: the best tools to create landing pages … and increase your conversion rate

A landing page, as we have seen in previous articles, is a landing page that the user reaches through a call to action (CTA), that is, a call to action, either through a button on a website, an email, a banner or a post.  Albania Email List , The objective of landing pages is to convert visitors into leads, something that is achieved by incorporating a form to get the data of the interested client. For the user to decide to complete the required fields, it is necessary to offer something in return, such as, for example, more information or access to exclusive content. Once the requested data has been completed, the usual thing is to direct the user to a thank you page.

The 20 best tools to create landing pages
There are different tools that facilitate this task, so we have created a list of the best to help you design your own landing pages and increase the number of leads.

Next, we explain the functionalities and characteristics of each one in alphabetical order. Remember that our listings are permeable and any contribution will be welcome ?.

The first one that we show you is also an email marketing tool, among whose multiple functionalities the creation of landing pages stands out. Of Spanish origin, Acumbamail allows you to easily create landing pages in a few minutes according to your email marketing campaigns, ensuring subscriptions.

With its drag & drop editor you do not need to have knowledge of HTML or design to create responsive pages that are displayed correctly on any device, and with an attractive and dynamic “look & feel”. You can start from scratch or customize any of the platform’s free templates.

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It integrates with Prestashop, Facebook, WordPress and WordPress 3rd-party forms, Magento, Woocommerce, and Google Analytics.

It has a free account and other paid accounts (€ 18, € 50 and € 157) that, in addition to the landing page editor, includes functionalities such as A / B test, automations and activity reports.

This platform is an all-in-one solution to create, automate and scale your user registries. It is based on html templates where you can add mustache tags to automatically create input fields that make content editable in a custom dashboard. It is a fast tool, has SSL and does not need maintenance.

You can connect it to a custom domain or subdomain and it integrates with multiple applications, including Prestashop, WordPress, Shopify, Hubspot or Pipedrive. It also supports integration with almost all common ID providers and APIs (Auth0, Okta, etc.), adding flexibility to forms and logic. It is ideal for developers looking for freedom of action from a base.

It has a free trial period and 3 monthly subscription plans of € 50, € 150 and € 450.

Carrd lets you design one-page sites for just about anything: a personal profile, a landing page to capture leads, or more elaborate stuff. You can start from a blank canvas or from one of its dozens of templates, all designed to maintain the aspect ratio at any screen size (responsive format).

You can create up to 3 sites for free and use all the main functions. The Pro option (€ 16 per year) gives you access to exclusive functions such as publishing sites on any custom domain with full SSL support (through Let’s Encrypt), creating and publishing on more than 3 sites, inserting widgets from third-party services such as Stripe, PayPal, Gumroad, or Typeform, among others, add a Google Analytics tracking ID to track and report traffic and un-brand the site from the footer.

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This tool can also be used to generate sales conversion funnels on websites. A sales funnel (sales funnel) consists of a series of processes and strategies that a company establishes to make itself known, generate interest within the target audience and contact different users in order to meet a pre-established objective: conversion of users, get a registration, make a sale or retain customers.

It is a complete experience for the user, which transcends a landing page, since it includes a series of pages designed to guide the client towards the conversion that interests you. USA Business , With Clickfunnels you can create different types of sales funnels according to the objective: landing pages, lead capture, product sales, webinars, courses, among others. You can design it from scratch or select a predefined one.

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