That’s Why We’re Afraid To Make Mistakes

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That’s Why We’re Afraid To Make Mistakes

The seriousness of the topic is also evidenced by the fact that last year WHO included burnout as a factor affecting health. Therefore firing an employee because of emotional burnout the same as firing because of smoking is not a reason. Let’s agree right away working with burnout is the responsibility of not only the employee himself but also his manager. Supporting and helping him in moments of crisis is just as normal as during the period of adaptation to a new job. The three signs of burnout as defined by the WHO are 1. Feeling constantly tired and exhausted. 2. The predominance of negativity in the assessment of work everything is bad results tasks conditions team . 3. Decrease in professional efficiency. Three stages of burnout.

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Overexertion fatigue that does not disappear after sleep. A person can forget words terms and working facts at the right moment. Make mistakes in typing letters on the keyboard or replace one letter with another when writing manually. 2. Exhaustion inanimateness lethargy nervousness. A person has reduced productivity and interest in work Slovakia Email List does not want to communicate with anyone even outside the office he is apathetic and dissatisfied. Headaches often blood pressure rises. The number of respiratory diseases is growing irritability is manifested. 3. Psychosomatic diseases and depression there is an aversion to everything and complete apathy. The employee does not see prospects in his professional activity does not enjoy work loses faith in himself.

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What to do Tell your colleague that burnout is normal and common. You need to work and fight with him in order to continue your professional path and not break into the emotional I’m tired I’m leaving. 2. Help understand the causes of burnout and choose USA Business measures update tasks prioritize explain the goals for each task and make sure the employee understands how to accomplish them discuss the causes of overtime and how to eliminate them show further development prospects hold regular meetings 3. Analyze the results of the employee’s work over a long period for example over the past six months and evaluate  change his workload. 4. Find out which tasks drive the employee and in which he sees the meaning.

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