This Virtual Reality Experience of Harry Potter, the “Magic” Door

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This Virtual Reality Experience of Harry Potter, the “Magic” Door

It wasn’t that long ago that VR skeptics abounded . However, in recent years, the technology has begun to win over critics and multiple brands have adopted it to attract the attention of consumers. Skepticism finally dissipated during the pandemic, with the urgent and growing digitization. The retail sector has been one of those that is firmly embracing the arrival of this type of innovation.

The goal, in the end, is to attract new audiences. This is demonstrated by the virtual reality experience launched by the new Harry Potter flagship store in New York . The establishment has decided to captivate potential buyers so that they pass through its doors and enter the world of Hogwarts in the most realistic way possible. In this way, they have included two virtual reality experiences. One of them is Wizards Take Flights .

With it we can get on a magic broom and travel through the London sky while the fog moistens our clothes and we rise above Big Ben fighting the Death Eaters. In the other, Chaos At Hogwarts , we are guided by the house elf Dobby.

Participants can b2b phone lists the College of Witches and Wizards , set in the one featured in the ‘Harry Potter’ movies. Through the rooms they can come across an angry dragon fighting a magical creature. Each experience lasts about 30 minutes and costs around 30 dollars, that is, about 25 euros. This is an extra incentive for consumers to come to the store and consume. In order to enjoy the immersive experience, you have to put on virtual reality glasses, headphones, devices that stick to your hands and feet to track movement, and a wand.

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In the Case of Wizards Take Flight

All the participant needs is to get on a replica of a broomstick to enjoy the ride. Chaos at Hogwarts, meanwhile, requires them to pick up a backpack to which the helmet is. Both have been by WarnerMedia. The company partnered with the creative teams of interactive software provider Wevr and film production company Keylight.

The collaboration of the virtual reality technology company Dreamscape Immersive, which has Steven Spielberg among its investors, has also not been lacking.The gaming industry has been under the scrutiny of the law for more than a century. Since its origins, it has been an activity that is susceptible to illicit activities or risky behavior by its users.

Therefore, it is not surprising that from time to time new modifications of the legal framework that covers said activity arise.

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On the other hand, Spain is among the main Spanish-speaking countries that have the most activity in the world of both physical and virtual betting, therefore, the gaming offer in Spain is growing on a large scale. This happens to such an extent that casino experts can take full advantage of new online casinos in Spain , as the promotions are usually quite attractive when it comes to new casinos. Despite this, the Spanish government has to put a brake and rules on the way the game has been in recent years. This has been by the Spanish Minister of Consumer Affairs, Alberto Garzón, who that advertising to games of chance in Spain is by up to 90%. However, it will still be possible to broadcast advertising for casinos or bookmakers in a daily period that goes from 1 AM to 5 AM.

The Orientation That This Decision

Of the Spanish government takes is solely to the intention of protecting sectors sensitive to this type of advertising. Safe and addiction-free gaming Just as advertising has been completely to a broadcast schedule for adults only. Garzón also that the type of advertising will also be subject to review. This will happen with the intention that what is in said advertising content does not promote pathological behaviour or tempt people sensitive to gaming addiction. In the same way, new customer acquisition bonuses have been, which are usually in bookmakers. They have also one of the differentials by which users are usually set when choosing one bookmaker over another. The type of advertising seen on the internet within Spain is also.

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It should be that the bookmakers in Spanish territory have player protection programs.

As well as exclusion programs for addicts, exclusion of minors and guidance for novices. Function within Spanish territory, so from now on a new decree will be regarding the advertising that involves them. In conclusion, the new regulation approved by the Spanish government translates into emphasizing. The activity must be for purely entertainment purposes, keeping.
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Player away from the intention of betting solely to win money, which could cause severe financial problems. Thus, the minister and the government of Spain hope to guarantee a safe, transparent and addiction-free game.

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