This is how we perform basic task management with Trello

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This is how we perform basic task management with Trello

About 2 weeks ago we started using Trello for task management. We have not touched the surface of the tool but we already see great improvements.He had been saying find service provider by phone number uk for months that he was evaluating different task management tools when in fact he was putting the topic off. The moment came when it was time to take action. Finally, 2 weeks ago we did.The tasks are ordered within a Kanban Board that have these phases.On hold : we have had this phase since yesterday where there are tasks that we do not want to be forgotten but that cannot be carried out at the moment Task box : all new tasks enter here. It is the first phase of carrying out a task. From here they continue their journey.In Process : This means that the task is already running but is not finished yet. It’s a simple way to get feedback on whether something has already been started or not yet.You will have seen that our management “system” is quite basic. It doesn’t have to be complex, it has to work. Before getting into the advanced features of Trello, let’s see if the essentials serve us. At the moment it seems so.

In review : not all tasks enter here because some do not require review. Sometimes I want to verify that everything has been done according to my instructions.Finished : once everything is done the task enters the final phase. This column is cleared at the end of the day to be filled again the next morning.This form of collaboration has been new to my team because they have not received training in this type of method. They finally have something new that can be put on the resume.;)The Kanban Board is not everything. Task description is also key. You must be clear that we have been with this form of work for only 2 weeks. Trello can be used in a much more sophisticated way and with automation. We will do it later, or not, we will see what we need and how the subject is going.

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Description : with a brief description in the title it helps us. If it is more complicated than that, it is possibly not one task but several that you try to put on the same sheet.Tags : we have created tags that give us a quick overview of the topic the task addresses. Rather, it is additional information that could add more value if we triple the number of tasks.Responsibility : each task is assigned one or more usa business team members. This was not very well defined before so I assign much of the improvement to this point.Expiration : each task must have a deadline. The good thing about Trello is that it sends you reminders so the probability of something being forgotten is quite low.

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