Reputation Google looks at reviews of your business and website, including on sites like It has also fixed an issue identified in 2010 where negative reviews could increase a website’s popularity due to the creation of backlinks . Now it can distinguish good reviews from bad ones. 80. Link domain age Links from domains that have been around for a long time are probably better than links from newer sites. 81. Number of link domains Generally, more domains pointing to your site means your site will rank better in search. This is considered a critical ranking factor, and Moz research backs it up.

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However, this is especially true for the number of top domains. 82. Links from different Class C IPs Links from individual Class C IP recipients show¬† to your site from different sites, and that’s a good thing. 83. Number of link pages It’s not as Vietnam Telegram Number Data important as the number of root domains, but the number of link pages is still an important ranking factor. 84. Alt Tags Google considers images with alt tags as anchor text, so they are an important ranking factor. 85. Links from¬† sites There is some controversy over this issue, as Matt Cutts has said that TLDs don’t matter. This means that a link from a .gov site is considered the same as a.

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However, many SEO experts still believe that the algorithm favors .edu and .gov. 86. PageRank of link pages Another important aspect is the authority of the page linking to you, as determined by PageRank. 87. Link domain PageRank The PageRank Taiwan Phone Number List of the linked domain is also believed to be an important factor. For example, a link from a website with a higher PageRank is probably more valuable than a link from a website with a lower PageRank, even if the page PageRank of the link is exactly the same. 88. Competitive Links Links from other websites and pages ranking for the same keyword are a positive ranking factor.