The Writing Rule Is Therefore That of the Inverted Pyramid,

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The Writing Rule Is Therefore That of the Inverted Pyramid,

How to write a good press release and get visibility with influencers? 43 Here are the 5 parts that make up a press release: 1. Publication date & company name Corporate identity: “Société X press release” / “Paris le 01/02/20XX” Distribution: “for immediate distribution” (unless you embargo until a date to be mentioned) Keep it as simple as possible for the company: a logo and that’s it.

It must summarize in 1 sentence all your press release. This catchphrase must be hard-hitting: puns, a key figure… This is the last thing to work on. You should start by writing your entire press mobile phone numbers nsw and only then come up with a dozen headline ideas (at a minimum), and then pick the best one. 3. The catchphrase of the press release (or executive summary) The executive summary is a difficult expression to translate .But it is anything but a summary of the press release. The Executivesummary provides a summary overview of the main points of the press release. He has a specific role.He must raise the interest of the press release and must persuade the reader to continue reading the text.

The Title of the Press Release

It is intended to “sell” the ideas that will be covered in the press release. This short paragraph (2 to 4 lines) should summarize the entire press release in a few lines, which should be remembered by the journalist (and therefore encourage him to read the entire press release). 4. The body of the release. Write your text impersonally, as if you were the journalist talking about your company. Put the most important things first and the less essential information last.

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Traditionally the structure of a press release follows the mold Where? Which? When? Why ?. Nevertheless, personally I prefer to put the Why first, ie the problem solved by your product.Then move on to the rest of the article. Starting from the problem, we can manage to tell a story, starting from the problem to the solution. – If possible, have a common thread throughout the text with natural sequences between paragraphs.  Always add illustrations (photos of the products, of the website, etc.). With comments if possible (be careful, the journalist will not use this commented capture, but the “raw” capture).

Then Move on to the Rest of the Article

Add a mini interview of you or one of your colleagues (the top is the opinion of a specialist outside your company). Which tells why you released this product / service. – Add titles to each beginning of paragraphs with the main ideas to remember. So a journalist in a hurry can read only your headlines and find the information immediately. – Convey 1 idea per paragraph. On the writing style, there are 2 schools: – The factual: they write short sentences, without verbiage, without fuss….

The “pseudo-journalists” who write texts with a rich vocabulary (but without repetition!). With key words and slogans so that the journalist can take them up directly. Personally I recommend the second method, which is much more rewarding in the event that. The journalist takes your press release word for word (or at least is strongly inspired by it). . Some tips for writing your press release: – If you have several messages, make several press releases, avoid confusion.

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