The “Word of Mouth” About Brands Hits the Peak Above All and Above All

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The “Word of Mouth” About Brands Hits the Peak Above All and Above All

The antediluvian but extraordinarily effective «word of mouth» has always played a very important role in fueling the «awareness. Of brands and ultimately making purchasing decisions. And the truth is that the word of mouth of a lifetime continues to take place in the midst of the digital age, above all and above all in its offline mode. This is clear at least from a recent study by Engagement Labs . According to the report, in the United States, word of mouth shows off its power mostly face-to-face (66% ) and, therefore, outside the network of networks. In 2007 this proportion was, however, 74%.

In the period between 2007 and 2020, the proportion of «word of mouth» that anchors in telephone calls has remained more or less stable at around 17%. The «word of mouth» that uses the formula of instant and text messages increased in the same thai cell phone number from 3% to 8%, while the «share» of email in word of mouth contracted from 3% to two%. Despite its age (or perhaps precisely because of it), word of mouth prides itself on being an extraordinarily robust channel when it comes to influencing consumer purchasing decisions (which do not necessarily take place behind the net of networks).

Engagement Labs Wom the Engagement

Labs study emphasizes that, despite the fact that in recent years social networks have ended up becoming omnipresent, offline word of mouth has managed to continue hitting the growth spurt . In 2007, offline word of mouth generated an average of 13.2 billion weekly brand impressions, a figure that increased to 14 billion weekly impressions in 2020, according to MarketingCharts . Word of mouth impressions have grown particularly between 2007 and 2020 in the category of household products. In this branch of activity, impressions led an increase of 102.2% to reach 730,000 million weekly impressions. The impressions generated by word of mouth in sectors such as home (+52.9%), health (+37.9%) also made a strong jump. On the other hand, impressions in branches of activity such as the automotive industry (-26.7%) and telecommunications (-26.9%) plummeted.

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The industry with the highest number of word-of-mouth impressions today is entertainment and media (1.8 billion impressions). This sector is followed by food and restaurants (1.8 billion impressions), beverages (1.4 billion) and retail and clothing (1.3 billion). Doing what the majority does, working harder or focusing on learning are some of the options that the author considers there are to face this scenario. The five hour rule Given the dire acceleration of time, the five-hour rule has emerged, a pattern followed by many of the world’s most successful and busiest people, who spend that time each week learning . But it is not about learning out of obligation, but for fun and without making great personal sacrifices.

“When We Set Aside an Hour of the Day to Learn

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