The Top Articles My 5 Content Hacking Tips to Get More Traffic to Your Website!

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The Top Articles My 5 Content Hacking Tips to Get More Traffic to Your Website!

In this article, I present to you 5 content hacking techniques to generate more traffic through content. The definition of Content Hacking is to use Growth Hacking techniques for Content Marketing. The definition of Content Marketing is to create and promote relevant or fun content (blog articles, interviews. Facebook statuses, images, etc.) to attract prospects and convince your customers. By definition, Content Hacking is therefore to apply agile (automation, subcontracting, etc.). Structured (conversion measurement, AARRR tunnel, etc.) and clever (hijacking the system, etc.)

Methods of Growth Hacking for its production and distribution. of content. This applies Algeria WhatsApp Number List to blog posts, Youtube videos, social media statuses, etc. My 5 Content Hacking Tips to Get More Traffic to Your Website.6 I presented these 5 techniques to Thomas Gasio .Expert in video and Lives for Entrepreneurs, who made 5 videos that detail how to boost your traffic via a blog, Facebook, Twitte. In addition to this article, we will be Thomas and myself live this Friday. February 2 at 1 p.m. on his Facebook page. In the live of Friday February 2

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I will give 5 additional tips to the 5 tips you will read below. So don’t hesitate to register now so you can ask me questions live. Click on “Receive a reminder” in the image below to be notified on Facebook as soon as the Live begins: My 5 Content Hacking Tips to Get More Traffic to Your Website! 7Watch the Live Entrepreneur Show Tip 1: Steal some of your competitors’ Google traffic! The principle is to analyze the topics that generate the most traffic on your competitors’ website via an outbidding technique (more complete, richer content, with more links, etc.)

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on an expression that generates high traffic. Subscribe to Thomas Gasio’s channel .Here are the key elements presented in this first video: You have to write content for your target. (their needs, their problems, etc.) and not content on a theme. SEMRush helps analyze competing sites to get ideas for keywords that are driving them. The most traffic and related keywords SEMRush also allows you to analyze backlinks to know who to ask for a link that will improve your SEO The keys to choosing the subject that corresponds to your target and whose traffic is divertable

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The basics to write a more complete and content-rich article than competitors that will appeal to Google Distribute the relevant keywords well, without over-optimizing Set up regular promotional actions for the article (share and re-share regularly) Update the article and re-promote it Tip 2: Create quality content in 5 minutes a day Your Smartphone and your hands-free kit will become your best tools. attract more customers Receive 1 tip every 2 days by email to help you attract more customers: Traffic generation & SEO Growth Hacking Emailing …

Simple advice to apply immediately. E-mail okay Simply with a tape recorder type application (the recorder on your Android Smartphone or iPhone). You can record your content for a free moment. Here are the key messages presented in this second video. Write down key ideas on a notepad app on your phone Save your content in one go Have the recording transcribed into text. Either with tools like the free voice dictation tool on Google Docs. Dr via outsourcing on sites like Fiverr It is also possible to learn to type faster on the keyboard with services like keybr.

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