The Role of the Mystery Shopper at the Point of Sale

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The Role of the Mystery Shopper at the Point of Sale

The mysterious customer or mystery shopper is a key figure for many brands when it comes to checking the operation of a sales process or the development of a specific promotion at the point of sale. By using this profile, any brand will be able to obtain a detailed report on what happens at the point of sale , which will allow them to apply or implement improvements in the sales process, in the different promotional tactics or even in the annual sales strategy of the brand. The objective of the visit of this mystery shopper will depend a lot on what the brand or the company that hires him establishes, but we can affirm that his functions are aimed at evaluating processes so that the brand can implement improvements in them.

In the strict sense of the definition, the mystery shopper is a professional in the field of solutions at the point of sale whose function is to infiltrate as a Cambodia WhatsApp Number List to carry out a purchase or contract services. This is why it is also called a mysterious client or mystery client. Although from the name it may seem that it is a secret and highly complex mission, the mystery shopping professional will simply have to impersonate any client. The person who is serving you in the store should never realize that it is not a real customer in order to protect the validity of the analysis or evaluation.

The Figure of the Mystery Shopper

Is of great importance and interest for brands, since on many occasions there is not a totally real perception of the customer experience by the brand teams that do not work in the field of the store or face the public. It may also happen that processes are from the brand that may seem useful. In theory but do not make sense once applied in the field of the sales process, due to all kinds of conditioning factors that may occur.

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The shopping experience or user/customer experience is one of the main focuses of the mystery shopper’s work. Although they can also carry out more analyses. Studying more specific aspects of this shopping experience or that have an effect on it: Preparation of market studies. On the part of a brand. It is common to carry out this type of survey to find out what. Its own products and those of the competition are. To the customer who asks for a generic category in a multi-brand establishment. That is, for example, in a restaurant, what brand. Of beer or water do they serve us if we simply ask for a beer or a water?

Evaluate the Training of the Professional Knowing

The degree of training and the level of knowledge. Of the staff that attends the client in relation. To a product or category can be another of the tasks of the mysterious client. Thus, brands or retailers. Will be able to know if it is necessary to invest in better training. Their employees through training programs or even through incentive programs . These programs are also susceptible to evaluation by the mystery shopper. Treatment and customer service The mystery shopping professional. Can also evaluate the quality of the service that the workers offer to the clients.

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