These parameters belong to the first object

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These parameters belong to the first object

If the world were written through the rules of the procedural paradigm, the little men would go in different directions. The program would collapse. Each little man pulls a blanket: one needs it for work, the other needs it for the pc. The program collapses because the procedure is a set of sequential actions. And in the picture, instead of one sequence, there is chaos. for complex programs. If you leave the paradigm, you will have to wriggle out: or write long code. Then the next developers will take a long time to understand and read the lines. It’s easier to write a new program. Or throw out the program and write a new one.

Procedural programming not suitable

Developers spend a lot of time and effort to rewrite the same properties: arms, legs, head. And add new ones to them – the actions of little men. In order to solve complex problems, programmers agreed and came up with new standards for them.  programming Malaysia Phone Number List What is oop? The world consists of objects: a person, a cat, a computer mouse or a stove in the kitchen. A person has everything for existence – arms, legs, organs, etc. A computer mouse also has everything to work: a wire or wireless sensor, a case, light bulbs, and click buttons.

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The rules were called object-oriented

All objects consist of such details – a set of data for normal operation. Oop is also a world, but in programming. It consists of objects, and they USA Business consist of their details. Let’s go back to the example with little men. Everyone has a similar set of gene parameters. These parameters are the first object. For example, body structure. Also, all people can perform the same type of actions – walking, running, swimming, etc. Such a standard little man. In oop language, arms and legs are variables. This is a specific set of data that can be substituted for any man.

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