The Analysis of Emotions Holds Enormous Potential for Loyalty

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The Analysis of Emotions Holds Enormous Potential for Loyalty

Marketing and market analysis are no longer based only on studying supply and demand, trends and products with potential, but on exploring the wishes, concerns and feelings of consumers. Precisely, the consulting firm Markets&Markets has carried out an analysis according to which it is estimated that next year the market for technological solutions that offer analysis of emotions will reach 4,600 million dollars. This boom is explained by the growing interest of companies in identifying the key elements that allow them to improve the user experience and brand loyalty.

Later, he used that same technology in a mailing campaign in which each customer received a personalized narrative of their history with airline, allowing him to increase opens by 100% compared to his previous mailing campaigns. Insurers: The Humana company , dedicated to health insurance services, uses a solution for analyzing Anguilla Email List emotions through voice to help its call centers improve their customer service. According to Denodo, “They managed to improve the treatment and responses that their agents received and increase their Net Promoter Score.”

Some of the Examples That Denodo

Points out to emphasize the usefulness of this discipline are: Retail: Recently. The e-commerce company eBay launched a physical Pop-Up Store. To analyze the reception of this novelty by customers. Cameras and biometric technologies were that collected facial expressions to determine reactions. Each type of product. Airlines: The EasyJet company resorted to the analysis of emotions. To carry out a study on user satisfaction on the occasion of its 20th anniversary.


One of the problems of this type of analysis is the difficulty of processing and interpreting them together. This is due to the heterogeneity in the nature of each type of collection: voice. Biometric cameras, wearables, IoT, which necessarily implies a different and non-comparable treatment. In addition, since it is data that in many cases is of a personal nature (easy images or voice records). The regulatory issue on data protection such as the GDPR comes into play.

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José Andrés García, Head of Denodo for Iberia and

Latin America explains: “Emotion analytics has more and more uses and application cases because organizations. Know how important it can be to anticipate behavior. Give a better response to their customers to achieve their loyalty and thus boost their sales. But this technology also has challenges (…). Fortunately, Data Virtualization can be your great ally. It happens that this technology is capable of integrating all the data distributed between heterogeneous systems. Such as those mentioned through a logical layer. Thus, they can be in a and manner. Delivered at all times in real time and in compliance with regulations.”

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