The 5 Reasons Why You Should Look for Workers with an Analytical Mind

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The 5 Reasons Why You Should Look for Workers with an Analytical Mind

Data analysis helps not only to measure the impact of an action, but also to identify innovation opportunities based on data , automate processes and optimize strategies. Greater capacity for leadership and teamwork . The analytical profile is characterized by being objective and stable. For this reason, they usually have good leadership skills thanks to their ability to relate, communicate and work with all kinds of profiles. Multifunctional and multidisciplinary profiles. They are usually experts in numbers, statistics and even code. This makes them indispensable professionals for any company and business sector. In addition, it is usually adapted to different situations and circumstances, which allows more opportunities for growth in the company and better positioning.

When a company begins a selection process, there are many elements that are pending. One of them, increasingly, is to have an analytical mind . The objective is to be able to count on professionals capable of making decisions based on objective results to att employee search the success of all areas. This demand has intensified even more after the pandemic, due to the need for companies to adapt their business strategies. Data analysis allows for conscious choices , while providing real results on the impact of actions and identifying opportunities for innovation.

“Thinking Analytically Gives Professionals

In the current digital environment, in which there are large volumes of information. The challenge is knowing how to extract the maximum potential from this resource. For this reason professions such as Chief Data Officer (CDO), Data Scientist, Business Data Analyst or Data Manager are experiencing an extraordinary boom. There is no doubt that the labor landscape has changed, evolving towards a more digital environment in which companies find themselves with the need to recruit expert digital profiles . These will be in charge of guiding them in this new environment to develop business strategies that respond to the demands of the new digital consumer.

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The power to assess situations while being objective and neutral ,” explains David Rey , director of The Valley ‘s Master in Data Science & Big Data Analytics and Chief Data Officer at Idealista. “In addition, it allows you to analyze. And predict which actions will work and which will fail. So you can make decisions based on real data that allow you to solve problems, achieve goals and improve results. The added value of profiles with analytical capacity. These are the five points on which The Valley experts base themselves to explain. The added value provided by this profile.

More Effective, Efficient and Quality Work

It allows professionals to consider problems and situations from different perspectives. These types of professionals usually define and follow structure. Logical processes for problem solving, something that allows work to be productive. Objective decision making. Using analysis and reasoning based on objective factors to make a decision greatly increases. The likelihood that the decision will be the right one. You can take advantage of data from web platforms, social networks, blogs, clouds. To optimize business strategies, automate processes and, therefore, achieve better results.
Innovation as part of the DNA of the analytical profile.

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