The 3 Consumption Habits That Will Never Be the Same After Covid-19

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The 3 Consumption Habits That Will Never Be the Same After Covid-19

Long -term consumption habits have been disrupted, accelerated or reversed during the pandemic. But not all behaviors are going to stay forever once society is able to gradually return to normal. A new report from the McKinsey Global Institute titled ‘ The Recovery of Consumer Demand and the. Lasting Effects of COVID-19’ points to three trends that are here during the health crisis to stay. The permanence test was carried out in six consumption areas that represent three-quarters of total consumer spending. Online food, leisure and entertainment, home life, leisure travel, remote education and telemedicine services.

Applying the test, the report concludes that online grocery shopping , virtual medical appointments, and home entertainment are likely to remain. On the other hand, distance learning, leisure travel and catering will return to pre-pandemic brazil phone number patterns. However, they will do so with some modifications, such as the use of digital tools in education or incorporation. Digital services such as virtual menus in the hotel industry. The recovery of spending, essential for the economy “With consumption accounting for roughly two-thirds of the global economy, a recovery in consumer spending will be critical to our economic prospects coming out of the pandemic,” said Jaana Remes , a fellow at the McKinsey Global Institute and co-author of the study.

The Report Is Optimistic About Recovery

As the pandemic has not triggered a massive glut of consumer debt, nor the bursting of housing bubbles. The drop in spending in the first months was mainly due to cuts in in-person consumption services, such as travel, leisure and restaurants. “As the virus curve progresses and the situation of mobility restrictions normalizes, consumer confidence will begin to rise and some categories will recover in consumption,” notes Ignacio Marcos , senior partner at McKinsey & Company in Spain. Demand from high-income households will be key to the strength and speed of the recovery. As a counterpoint, low-income youth households are likely to face purchasing power constraints.

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