Spotify Demands the Visibility of Artists from the Lgbtiq+ Collective

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Spotify Demands the Visibility of Artists from the Lgbtiq+ Collective

Throughout their careers, LGBTIQ+ artists, cultural figures and activists have claimed their presence and recognition. For this reason , Spotify has decided to launch “Occupy your space” in Spain . It is an initiative that encourages this community to empower themselves and fight for the visibility they deserve. This project has been joined by more than 15 artists firmly committed to the fight for the rights of the collective. Among these we find: Natalia Lacunza, Russian Ladilla, Agoney, Ricky Merino, Ariadna, Julia de Castro, Niño de Elche, Sara Socas, David Rees, Javiera Mena, Alberto Jiménez (Miss Caffeina) and Chico Blanco.

For example, there is a section dedicated to Pride on Spotify. Thus, users will be able to find playlists such as ‘Pride’, ‘Fiesta pride’, ‘Alternative Pride’ or ‘Free love’ in indian mobile number extractor place. In addition, “Occupy your space” will come to life in outdoor advertising on the streets of some high-visibility places. The Plaza de Callao in Madrid is one of them, in order to celebrate and give voice to artists.

Spotify Gives Visibility to Artists

From the LGBTIQ+ collective “For far too long, there have been glaring gaps in traditional music history. That have downplayed or completely erased the contributions of LGBTIQ+ artists to the development of music genres and culture as a whole,” says Melanie Parejo, Head of Music for southern Europe on Spotify . “One more year we take advantage of the power of our platform to highlight artists and creators of the collective , both established and emerging, reclaiming their rightful place within culture,” he explains.

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They are not the only steps of Spotify, since it is also going to release “Pride” , its new original podcast. Directed by Maria Santonja and narrated by the journalist Valeria Vegas , it brings together the main voices of the country’s LGBTIQ+ community. Sandra Barneda, Samantha Hudson, Amarna Miller, Javier Ambrossi, Javier Calvo or Carolina Iglesias are some of them. In each delivery, the guests will relate their experiences and opinions on this topic .

It Will Have a Total of Eight 40-Minute Episodes

For example, ‘Siglas’, the first episode, invites listeners to reflect on what the group’s acronyms mean. Labels or what the difference is between sexual orientation and gender identity. For his part, Poyato comments that the importance lies in how you exercise. That ability to influence consumers, towards the objective you want. “ The experience is a specific moment. Where we are focusing”, explains the Multiplica representative. Meanwhile. From SIDN, they assure that to decide whether we are in a Marketing Automation strategy or not.

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