Specialized Telephone Sales: the Adaptation of the Language According

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Specialized Telephone Sales: the Adaptation of the Language According

In the midst of the digital age, where screens rule, the truth is that there are many companies that continue to rely on their contact center services to carry out certain day-to-day operations . The closeness and immediacy of contacting consumers by telephone means that this medium continues to be a key pillar in operations such as customer retention, the promotion of new products and services, the compilation of satisfaction surveys and, of course, the telesales services . The qualities and advantages that a sales-oriented call center represents are multiple, from establishing direct communication with the consumer to the immediacy in knowing if the product can be successful or not, going through the economic savings that it entails compared to other strategies. more expensive in terms of resources.

In addition, its effectiveness should be highlighted, since according to a survey carried out by DiscoverOrg, published in 2020, it stands out that 55% of the companies that grew more than 40% during the previous 3 years considered that telephone apache corporation employees were very much alive. However, we must not forget that telephone sales must also face different challenges in order to get the most out of it. Among these challenges are: the prejudice of the clients in the face of unexpected calls or the extensive duration , but to these complications it would also be necessary to add an extra factor that is often taken into account but that it is necessary to take care of in the calls: the language and the way telemarketers express themselves.

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Betting on Carrying Out Telesales

Actions will depend solely on what the telemarketer says, since neither body language. Eye contact comes into play in this case. It should also be borne in mind that, in this action , the telemarketer is the direct representative of the company to the client, so every word counts, and never better said! Last but not least, each company is different, so the telesales strategies to follow will have to be different and adapted to the products and services offered, but also to their target audience. Given these two factors, it is necessary to carry out a process of adapting the language used in the telephone conversation so that it adapts to the consumer and, above all, captures their attention. Therefore, the first questions to be are: who are our target customers? And what do they expect from our brand?


With these questions resolved, it will be much easier to adapt the expressions and tactics that the telemarketer uses. Try to sell the product or service. For example, a life insurance company will have a fundamentally middle-aged clientele. With a comfortable standard of living and probably a family. The language will have to be formal and polite, but also clear. To be able to explain all the information well. service portfolio. On the other side of the coin, we can find an NGO that captures its members by telephone . In this case, the language will have to be more emotional; or an Internet company that covers recently emancipated youth, which may use more informal and casual language.

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There Is No Magic Formula to Develop a Unique

Telemarketing strategy that works with all companies, since the steps to follow will vary greatly depending. The client and the product that the company offers. Therefore, it is vital to take both factors into account before starting any action. However, there are some common tips that can be to all types of organizations before. During calls, such as matching the tone of voice to the consumer, not interrupting the customer. Always asking if you can speak at the moment of contact with the. The use of Lenovo’s smart technology has allowed Inter to collaborate easily through web conferencing and work remotely. FC Internazionale Milano general manager Alessandro Antonello said: “The fusion of football and technology. Essential to take Inter to new heights.

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