“Small businesses need branding and digital marketing services more than ever,” Richard Moody (Vistaprint)

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“Small businesses need branding and digital marketing services more than ever,” Richard Moody (Vistaprint)

Advertising and marketing may be in an investment crisis in large companies, but for SMEs the situation is quite different. At least that’s how they describe it from Vistaprint, who has relied on their own data to reach this conclusion and show that graphic design is more important for small and medium businesses because they need to be known . Data that has made Vistaprint announce its alliance with 99designs , the freelance platform with which they will expand their job offer. This will combine the freelance platform’s extensive network of talented designers and Vistaprint’s more than 17 million customers to create a global platform for easy access to professional design services and high -end marketing products.

Quality to all SMEs that require it. In MarketingDirecto.com we have been interested in this new acquisition and for this reason we have delved into the matter through an interview with Richard Moody, general manager of Vistaprint’s southern Europe . He himself has commented on this new alliance and has provided us with information about the expansion of the company’s custom designs, in addition to the new offers of designs and Colombia B2B list designers that Vistaprint customers will have from now on: 1. What advantages does this global platform offer and why should brands use it instead of hiring their own designers? The acquisition of 99designs allows Vistaprint to have a new model of working focused on talent and in the online world. In doing so, Vistaprint is expanding its existing design services to meet the needs of many more small business customers.

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These Companies Are Usually

Short-staffed and unable to hire a designer for the services they require. Therefore, with this acquisition, Vistaprint will be able to offer graphic design services on a large scale and will make these services accessible to small business owners who cannot bring the service in-house. In addition, the designers who are part of the community are of high quality and will present optimal services that in other cases would not be so profitable. 2. What does good design bring to small and medium businesses? A good design is capable of attracting potential buyers to smaller companies that are not capable of attracting them through other mechanisms. The image of professionalism that a good design offers also gives them a certain reputation and status, and digital marketing tools, supported by an attractive design, are one of the most effective tools that small businesses have in these times of crisis.


In which digital transformation has become a necessity to survive. Many of the services we offer are for online banner design, for example, for which creativity. Design quality are key to attracting customers. 3. The coronavirus crisis has caused investment in marketing to decrease. Companies are beginning to put aside this type of action.
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How do you think this situation will affect your alliance? Larger companies have largely cut back on marketing spending to focus on other areas. But SMEs, especially small businesses. Need more than ever to adapt to the digital world and be able to compete in it in order to survive. For this reason, small businesses need branding. Digital marketing services more than ever, since they are what will allow them to grow greatly in. The online world and are their letter of introduction to potential clients.

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We Have Had A Very Large Upturn

In services during the coronavirus crisis, since we have even dedicated ourselves to developing personalized masks for businesses. Therefore, with this acquisition, we will be able to offer services with greater agility. We will be able to position ourselves in sectors that were not our greatest strength before. Therefore, the acquisition of 99designs can generate great value in the short and long term for customers. Team members and shareholders. 4. Is design and creativity a key element in business growth? Designer offerings have become highly appreciated by small business owners. Over the last few months we’ve seen them turn to Vistaprint’s customer support team. Members for tasks ranging from modifying an eye-catching banner to creating basic brochures or business cards. Any company that wants to grow needs a well-defined corporate image.
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Of course, appropriate marketing tools that allow it to reach more users and stakeholders.

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