Privacy in social networks, are we going neurotic? marriott hotel ghana email address

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Privacy in social networks, are we going neurotic? marriott hotel ghana email address

The NSA accessed, in just one month, more than 180 million Google and Yahoo records around the world. And to phone calls. And to social media posts. marriott hotel ghana email address , Without going so far, it is becoming more and more common for our closest environment (work colleagues, neighbors, acquaintances …) to access the information that we leave on the network (photos on Instagram, a check-in on Foursquare, personal information that we have on our Facebook profile, the activities that we are doing and that we report on Twitter…).

Come on, between the professional spies and the gossips around the house, they have us under control . And you, what do you plan to do about it? There are at least three possibilities:

1- It doesn’t matter to you
Many people (I am inclined to think that most) do not plan to change their posting habits on social networks even knowing that much of what they post can end up in the hands of unwanted recipients. After all, what does it matter if that photo of your feet on Instagram ends up on the NSA or on your neighbor’s computer? You do not handle state secrets or confidential information of large companies and, therefore, what you put on Twitter, it is read by whoever reads it, will not have any “hidden” use. Come on, spying (professional or amateur) doesn’t matter to you.

2- You will immediately delete all your social media accounts
Your privacy is sacred and you are not willing to let anyone be watching what you do. You have considered removing your name and photo on social networks and using instead a nickname and Bart Simpson’s face, but you have thought better of it and you will directly delete all your accounts on social networks. You do not want things as personal as the photo of your children to end up in the hands of anyone. Your hair will stand on end just thinking about it. It is best to cut your losses.

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3- Keep calm and find the middle ground
Possibly, as in everything, the solution is not to go to extremes and stop to think a bit .

Publish all kinds of content without worrying about where they will end up? Well, I don’t think it’s the best thing to do. At the end of the day, there are information, photos or videos that should not come out of a certain area (family, friendship or, at least, the circle of acquaintances). For example, if you are looking for work, it may not be the most appropriate thing to post on your networks that video that you recorded saying all kinds of bullshit the day you went out with your friends and had an extra drink (or did you not know that Do companies increasingly look at the information that appears on the social networks of their candidates?). Or, at the very least, you should limit the number of people who will have access to it. Or that funny photo of your children naked in the bathroom. Possibly it shouldn’t go beyond the family circle.

Delete your accounts on all social networks? Well, it is not the best solution either . Social networks, like any tool, can be used well or badly. If we have had a bad experience with them, or we are afraid of having it, what we have to do is get to know them better and not stop using them. After all, used well they provide us with many advantages. Or are you also going to stop using knives to eat because they could be used as a weapon?

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Therefore, allow me to give you 5 tips to control your privacy on social networks :

Spend a little time discovering the possibilities offered by the different social networks to manage your privacy without giving up their use.
Use common sense.
If you have children, talk to them about privacy and social media. The youngest are possibly one of the groups with the highest risk and, unfortunately, USA Business , the subject of internet privacy is not included in current curricula. Something that would be essential to create citizens with full knowledge of their digital environment.

I don’t know if the fundamental advice is clear enough. Does it need to be clearer? I do not think so. And you, have you changed your habits of publishing personal content on social networks for fear of losing privacy? You can tell us in the comments.

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