Pillars, Opportunities and Needs of Customer Service After the Pandemic

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Pillars, Opportunities and Needs of Customer Service After the Pandemic

In the last year, the health crisis has completely changed the game boards of companies. Which have had to rethink their work methodologies. Understanding new customer habits is essential to being able to respond to demands. Which is why Salesforce has decided to offer attendees of the ‘ Salesforce Service. Edge Summit’ webinar the keys to adapting your business to today’s society. According to the latest Salesforce ‘ State of Service’ study. 88% of the professionals surveyed say that the pandemic revealed technological gaps.

In addition, the changes made as a result of it are here to stay, according to the report. As an example of this, 83% of companies have modified their policies to provide greater flexibility for customers and 78% have chosen to invest in technology . “It is time to do much more with much less because we need flexibility and technological solutions help us to lebanon mobile number models quickly,” says Laura Abarquero , RPV Service and Field Service at Salesforce Iberia. “By itself, technology is not enough, but with skillful methodologies, it is possible that it will transform the way of doing business and the way of contacting customers to give rise to more human companies”, indicates, for his part, Marc Vidal , transformation and digital strategy consultant, who defends that technology can help to see the future with less uncertainty.

An Omnichannel Customer Who Likes

AI The role of the current client is another of the challenges that companies have faced and in which Salesforce has had an impact at the event. The new consumer is experienced and omnichannel, as he interacts on multiple channels . Thus, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger have become everyday applications for everyone. Also, companies are discovering how, through chatbots, it is possible to fulfill requests and inquiries faster . According to Salesforce, voice has become the preferred channel for consumers, a real possibility thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI). Telecare and appointment scheduling are some facets that have grown during the pandemic in this regard.

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Lebanon Phone Numbers

In the case of Salesforce Service Cloud Voice , which is powered by Salesforce Einstein, it transcribes and analyzes the conversation in real time to provide the agent with information that allows them to offer each user the products they need. These three elements could not be missing because they would take with them the essence of the brand. ” Although we are a retailer, we always try to put the creative part on top and the claim as well “, he comments. The examples exposed in their presentation are those of some campaigns they did to present new products such as Fnac Home, which was a challenge for them since they had to convince the client that they sold more things besides books and culture.

Although in That Sense, for Which the Brand Began

They also carried out actions in which they exhibited their new Ature & Decover range. Their strategies are very experiential and for this they take advantage of the brand’s sales spaces. From themed “member nights” where stores close so their members can access exclusive events, to concerts and book signings in their establishments. “ This supposes a contact with the brand different from how they would do it with our competition ”, explains Navarro. In fact, according to the Fnac representative in this webinar, the brand does more than 5,000 events a year. Which is one of the most experiential parts of the brand. « The challenge came on March 14. When we closed 38 stores for 3 and a half months «, She adds.

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