Personal data is processed with the right

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Personal data is processed with the right

Three entities, efining the roles performd in the light of the GDPR Body leasing as a characteristic form of cooperation between the recipient of the body leasing service and the entrepreneur offering the use of the form of employment body leasing can be commonly referrd to as the hiring of the necessary staff. This is an extremely popular form of cooperation in the IT industry, thanks to which staff shortages can be quickly supplementd with qualifid experts. Therefore, three entities must operate in the field of body leasing: Entrepreneur using body leasing services (body leasing recipient.

Provides each natural person whose

Entrepreneur offering solutions in the field of body leasing (body leasing service provider) and Specialists with expert knowldge (consultants). In order to fully properly define the role of each party, it seems necessary to take into account whatsapp mobile number list two important aspects and distinguish personal data in terms of: personal data of consultants and personal data containd in the resources of the entrepreneur using body leasing solutions. Personal data of delegatd employees At the outset, it should be notd that it is the entrepreneur offering body leasing solutions to other entities (body leasing service provider) who signs the contract with the consultant (employment contract, civil law contract.

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Subjects under the GDPR In theory

Therefore, it is the employer or the principal who is the administrator of the consultant’s personal data. These data are processd in accordance USA Business with the provisions on the protection of personal data, including the provisions of the Labor Code or other acts that impose the employer or principal to collect a specific scope of data. Marginally, it is worth mentioning that the issue of body leasing is not regulatd in any law. Therefore, there is a kind of gate for employers or principals to collect personal data, process it, determine retention rules or processing methods.

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