Offshore Drilling Rig Jobs – How to Find Work on Offshore Drilling Platforms

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Offshore Drilling Rig Jobs – How to Find Work on Offshore Drilling Platforms

Offshore drilling rig jobs pay well. Even final year, in 2009, when the economic system turned into its worst (of the recession), the fee of oil did no longer drop underneath $60 in line with barrel. Now, as the economic system is recuperating from the recession, the charge of oil is heading lower back up. This, of route, is due to fundamentals. Demand for oil stays strong due to the fact halliburton phone directory the growing nations, in particular India and China, are still forging in advance with their commercial packages. Their economies are nevertheless growing, their residents are becoming extra rich and disturbing greater luxuries. All of those are matters which want oil for strength. Obviously, this is ideal news for you in case you are seeking out jobs on offshore drilling structures.

Getting paintings with an offshore drilling contractor isn’t always precisely rocket science. It especially requires staying power and guts. The extra activity applications you send out, the more interviews you’ll be referred to as for, the greater your possibilities of having employed. Of direction, the massive question is how do you locate all those offshore drilling process vacancies?

  halliburton phone directory

The maximum basic strategies that everyone makes use of are – sign in with a recruitment organisation inside the oil industry; appearance on activity boards like Monster, Yahoo Jobs, Career Builder and Hot Jobs; and take a look at newspaper job classified ads. These are not horrific techniques, it’s miles just that by the time the task vacancies meander their manner through the bureaucracies of the Human Resources branch, it is able to already be stuffed by means of people with insider contacts.

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That brings up an essential query – how do you locate an offshore drilling rig task before it appears in an advertisement? The handiest way is to search for all the small offshore drilling contractors who do the paintings for the big offshore drilling companies like Halliburton, Schlumberger, Transocean, etc. Most of these small oil provider companies generally tend to cluster round types of places – the headquarters of the larger businesses that subcontract to them; and around the area in which the offshore oil rigs are positioned (inside the US, those will be the Gulf Coast states of Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas).

Basically talking, in case you are not staying in such a locations, you are at a downside whilst looking for a task on an oil platform. If you live there, then you have access to many extra assets, together with local newspapers in which jobs are marketed; the bars, diners and eating spots where the hiring managers and HR of these small oil businesses have their lunch and dinner; and ultimate however no longer least the local phone directories.

Let’s observe those one by one. Job advertisements in the papers aren’t a especially right way to look for a emptiness, especially for a national each day. Ads in such newspapers are very pricey and a small business enterprise isn’t always likely to apply them. However, advertisements in small nearby (metropolis and nation) papers are cheaper and more likely to be used.

The next approach is to hang around all the ones diners, bars and eating spots where the body of workers of the small oil rig corporations spend their day trip of the office. Why? Because human beings communicate. Co-employees move for lunch together. When they’re busy, they work time beyond regulation and go for dinner collectively. They speak to every different at mealtimes. They complain, they gossip, they flap their lips and wag their tongues. When they do now not have sufficient human beings to drill for oil, they’ll talk and you may listen of it in case you keep your ears open. Yes, it is rude to listen in on other people’s conversations. But so what? Who cares if it receives you a task?


The closing approach, the usage of the local smartphone directories, needs guts. You will want to appearance up the addresses and make contact with numbers of the small oil corporations. This is likewise an awesome manner to discover which diners to eat your lunches at, i.E. Visit the diners and restaurants close to the places of work of those companies. Anyway, getting lower back to the cellphone book – once you’ve got the smartphone numbers of the businesses, call them up to enquire about oil drilling task vacancies. Some of them will just hang up on you. Many will say “No” in one shape or some other, sometimes rudely, from time to time with politeness. You will hear a whole lot of rejections, and it takes guts to preserve on notwithstanding the whole thing. But the most vital point is that this – if there is a emptiness open, you’ll be one of the first to find it, probably even earlier than it receives marketed.

These are the 3 secrets and techniques of the way you find offshore drilling rig jobs earlier than they are marketed. Unfortunately, you need to be on area to use those strategies. This frequently approach which you want to transport. Just take into account this – from time to time oil organizations in a single a part of the kingdom may be firing people simply as businesses in any other a part of the same nation are hiring new workers. If you spend a few months in a single region and all you listen is news of doom and gloom, move to a new location. Move till you find someplace that is booming.

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